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Architecture & Technology I-II



Jordi Ros Ballesteros          Òscar Linares de la Torre   Carol Beuter Sánchez




Tuesday 08:30 to 11:30

Thursday 10:30 to 13:30


In the work of the biomial Architecture and Technology already advances the interests of this thematic studio, that interestedly involves the professors from different school deparments.  The studio proposes to go deeper into the synthesis of the set of knowledge acquired during the student's disciplinary training giving formal unity the decisions draw from the urban scale to the constructive detail. The Architecture and Technology Studio deals with different propossed themes: "Technological Systems", "Energetic efficiency", "New building", "Rehabilitation", "Design and time". In Thematic Studio I, the winter semester, developes the project in collaboration with public institutions, usually with city halls. The Thematic Studio II, spring semester, developes systematically the project in collaboration with an european school of architecture. With this set of institutions, and also wiht construction companies and industries, the Architecture and Technology Studio stablishes colaboration agreements through the specific thematics and through the imputs of each semester (program, place, systems, design strategies...) the studio offers the desing as a solution for the studied cases proposed by these institutions.