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Re-inhabit: The house and the street



Xavier Monteys




Tuesday 11:00-13:00


The basic goal of this subject is to introduce the students to the concept of Re-inhabit. Re-inhabit is understood as a critical way of thinking the architecture that influences the way we design and conceive it. It has more to do with the use than with the object.

Another goal is to help the students be aware of the built area and think about how to give it a new use or just how to extend its lifespan.  Both especially suitable for the current moment and for a country like ours with an oversized built area of housing. To help give the tools to intervine on the exinting understanding it as a reparation as Richard Sennet treats this concept in "The Craftsman".

From these goals we could say that the subject suggests to ask some questions about the world of designing and thinking the city in the current situation. It is not only about studying the way of giving new uses to what has been abandoned, Re-inhabit can also be taken literally and arise as a way of reprensent the housing and the public space and a way of designing. From this point of view the lectures that will be taught and and the work that will be developed by the students will try to shape those questions, thinking about the house and the public space in a more practical and flexible way.