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The MArqEtsaB is the one-year University Master's degree in Architecture that complements the Bachelor's degree and is essential for practicing the profession. It presents three lines of specialization: Theory and Project, Urbanism and Technology.

This master's degree is designed with the condition of completing the quality training obtained in the degree with the maturity proper and necessary for the professional practice, which requires a high level of integration and capacity for innovation, deepening in project, technology and urban planning.

The pedagogical model of the two integrated degrees GArqEtsaB + MArqEtsaB make up an integral academic program of Architecture, and enables the student to exercise the regulated profession of architect. It is focused on the interdisciplinarity of the different subjects, reinforcing transversal knowledge. Most subjects have a workshop group format, where cooperative activities are key to the development of an adequate critical reasoning of each subject.


Compulsory Subjects


Project and Theory, Architecture and Place



Project and Technology


Project and Theory, MHIB Theory



Urban Regeneration


Project and Technology, Architecture and Environmental Emergence



Promise, Ingenuity and Work



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