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The teaching and research staff based in the departments of the UPC coordinate and organise graduate and undergraduate courses in one or more areas of knowledge in addition to conducting research in their fields of expertise.

University research institutes

At the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC), there are five research institutes, four of them belonging to the UPC and one of them affiliated to it. Each of these institutes engages in scientific and technical research in a specific area of knowledge. There are also two mixed-used and two interuniversity research facilities.

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The Institute of Education Sciences (ICE) implements a training plan for teaching and research staff that is aimed at improving teaching quality. It also works in collaboration with the Catalan government to offer teaching and research activities to teachers who work at secondary schools and in vocational training.

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Research to date

signal theory and communications

El The Department of Signal Theory and Communications open link in a new window carries out research in a wide range of areas related to data processing and transmission, such as satellite and navigation systems. To find out how they work and are used in sporting events like the Dakar Rally:

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