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3D - CMM
Measurements Coordinate Components (MCC) equipment by means of continuous probe, for complex components verification, with the aim of meeting quality standards ...

5-axis milling
5-axis milling device, with tool charger (two carts) for complex components development. Automatic tool gauge and high speed head (up to 18000 rpm), ...

Accelerometer calibrator
Equipment generates an acceleration of 10 ms-2 at a frequency of 159.15 Hz ± 0.02%.

Acquisition system
A system for the acquisition and processing of 32-channel signals, with embedded software.

B&K Pulse
Equipment consisting of a system for acquiring and generating pulses for performing modal analysis tasks and various signals. It includes software for ...

Brüel & Kjaer (B&K) amplifier
A device for multi-channel conditioning and amplifying of acoustic and vibratory signals.

Brake dynamometer equipment
Equipment designed for determining the torque in rotating electrical machine tests by measuring the brake. The effective power going in or out of the machine ...

Calibration exciter
Equipment for vibration transducers calibration.

Climatic chamber
Equipment for testing heat exchangers and thermal equipment for air in general. The chamber dimensions are 2.5 m x 2.5 m x 7 m and the temperature range ...

Vertical CNC ( 3 axis) for very different shapes and sizes components development and manufacturing, in the absence of external fairing. Equipped with ...

CNC lathe
Equipment with computer numerical control (CNC) and 810/820 Sinumerik control for precision machining metal components and polymers. It has a working space ...

CNC programmable lathe
Numerical control latheprogrammableby G-code, 100 to 4000 rpm rotationspeed, 7 N·m maximum torqueat2000rpm and 96 to 275 mm tour of the axes X/Y. Maximumturningdiameter ...

DSC analyzer using UV radiation
A calorimetric testing device for measuring heat capacities, phase changes, heats of reaction and thermal transitions, with samples subjected to UV radiation.

Dynamic torque meter
Transducer equipment with an isolated rotor for making pair measurements from 10 N to 900 Hz. It works with frequency modulation and comes with Spider ...

EDM (Electric discharge machining) for metal tools and prototypes production and development. Electrode configuration ability, with the shape and dimensions ...

Electric furnace
Electric furnace, with and without air circulation, for temperature range between 0 and 220 °C. Equipment dimensions are 400 mm x 400 mm x 340 mm (length ...

Energy variable parameters meter
Equipment for measuring fluids parameters, such as temperature, humidity and pressure, for determination of energy variables.

Environmental acoustic studies
Environmental studies, such as noise maps by areas and assessment of environmental sound pressure. Specialized acoustic training is also given.

FTIR infrared spectrophotometer with ATR
Equipment for identifying functional groups of organic materials and certain structures of solid and liquid samples using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) ...

High speed camera
Equipment for analyzing the performance of production lines (to detect critical points and bottlenecks), studying mechanical failure, conducting rupture ...

High speed video camera/High speed camera
Equipment consisting of a high resolution camera (1024 x 1024) for capturing images at high speed (up to 3000 frames/s). A lower resolution (512 x 512) ...

Hot-wire anemometer
A Dantec Dynamics-type probe anemometer made of fiberfilm and boundary layer for the diagnosis of the basic flow of air currents.

Hydraulic press
Equipment for performing compaction processes through the isostatic application of powders of various materials (metals, hard metals, ceramics, etc.).

Hyperbaric chamber
Equipment that recreates pressure conditions through hydrostatic pressure. Its range is 0 atm to 30 atm. The volume of the chamber is 816 liters.

Impact hammer
Exciter hammer device, with load cell, to perform modal analysis.

Impact hammer
A hammer with load cells for conducting modal analysis.

Equipment that measures speed and movement using a Doppler interferometer. The system only measures one point at a distance of up to 100 meters, with a ...

Isolating studies
Indoor measurement of noise sources. Soundproofing plans using software tools and final noise measurements for assessing the plan's effectiveness.

Isomet precision cutter
Equipment used for precision cutting at low speeds, suitable for any type of sample.

Jet engine test bank
A device that provides a method for controlling the operational performance of aircraft jet engines. It works with a load range of between 10 N and 100 ...

Laser vibrometer
A portable device that works with laser Doppler technology. It can measure vibration at a distance of between 0.1 m and 30 m, with a high-speed response. ...

Low-pressure transducer
A pressure transducer with variable capacity for low pressures (0 to 0.5 PSID and 0-1 PSID) and high precision, for chronoamperometry, chronopotentiometry ...

Mechanical work space
Components design by means of computer aided design Pro-ENGINEER programs. EMCO lathe machining, LAGUN turret milling machine and other hardware components ...

Metrology laboratory
Metrology laboratory service, with equipments for 2D and 3D implementation measures, also roughness, profiles determination as well as sphericity and curvature ...

Milling machine
A milling machine with computer numerical control (CNC) and Sinumerik 810/820 software. The most important characteristics are X/Y/Z 48/-/236 mm, with ...

Modeling system air conditioningsystem
Simulate real operation of centralised air conditioning equipment.

Multifunctional machining
Multifunctional machining equipment (turning, milling) in 7 axes (X, Y, Z head twist, piece turn, jaw changing and lower face attack), ideal for very complex ...

MVX vibration monitoring system
Equipment consisting of a system for acquiring and processing signals with embedded software for remote online vibration monitoring.

Noise and vibration analyzer
A device made up of several components including accelerometers, noise and displacement sensors, pressure sensors and a sonometer. It can conduct several ...

Noise generator
A generator consisting of a dodecahedron, a preamplifier and amplifier INTER M (model M700). The dodecahedron is a set of 12 speakers placed so that noise ...

Parts, templates and tools measuring
Measurement of any equipment on a plane hired. Verification and determination of uncertainty bounds.

Portable analyzer
Portable analyzer of acoustic and vibration spectra in real time.

Portable combustion analyzer
Equipment for combustion smoke emitted analysis, to determine combustion process performance.

Precision thermal imager
High accuracy Infrared thermal imaging camera for objects temperature determination (± 20 ° C). Energy efficiency analysis, both positive and negative ...

Real time analyzer
Equipment consisting of an analyzer that can make and show frequency spectra measurements of an audio signal in real time.

Equipment for 2D and 3D roughness determining and measuring, for solid samples profiling, controlled by computer.

Equipment that recreates vibrations in a frequency range and speed or acceleration. It is used for calibrating accelerometers and testing instruments used ...

Smoke generator for flow visualization
Equipment that generates smoke, with different types of probes, useful for flow visualization.

Solder reflow oven
An oven with programmable heating-cooling curves for soldering printed circuit boards (PCB) of up to 230 mm x 305 mm and 22 kg by air. The maximum reflow ...

Sound level meter
A sound-level meter can measure sound pressure levels to determine the extent, the loudness and loudness of a noise.

Sound level meter
Integrating-averaging sound level meter for sound pressure levels measurement in order to determine sound amplitude noise and loudness.

Sound level meter
Integrating-averaging sound level meter for sound pressure levels measurement in order to determine sound amplitude noise and loudness.

Sterilization autoclave
Equipment for culture media sterilization, also pipette tips or sand samples. 7l capacity, temperature working range between 121 and 127 °C, and pressure ...

Thickness gage Calibration
Calibration for thickness gages: Internal of 1 mm to 75 mm. External of 0 mm to 100 mm.

Torque Plate
Dynamometer plate device, with signal amplifier and complete measurement sequence, for 3 load and moment components determination and measurement. It can ...

Type-1 integrating sound level meter
A sound level meter that has various functions because it is connected to a PC and has its own software. It has two type-1 microphones that can capture ...

Ultrasonic flowmeter
Equipment for determining fluids flow without pipelines modifications, because the system is placed on the same pipelines, for control and balanced facilities.

Vibration analyzer
A portable device for the amplification and conditioning of signals for piezoelectric-type sensors for modal analysis studies. It incorporates up to 40 ...

Vision Measuring Systems
Measurements Coordinate Components (MMC) equipment, as well as main geometrical characteristics. High speed data acquisition and high accuracy, for ...

Water permeability meter
Equipment used for determining water permeability in fabrics under hydrostatic pressure and identifying the maximum level of water pressure that a fabric ...

Wide wade flume (CIEMito)
Wide wave flume (CIEMito) for research studies conduct in maritime and coastal engineering field, in addition to the wave Canal CIEM. Made with cold rolled ...

Wind tunnel
Equipment consisting of an open circuit tunnel with a closed chamber of 20 cm in diameter for measuring velocity, pressure and visualization of flow, and ...

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