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AOP pilot plant
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Pilot facility tailored for conducting studies of advanced oxidation processes, especially those used for the degradation of contaminated water through Fenton and photo-Fenton reactions. It has a flexible configuration for operating both continuously, with an 8-liter CSTR, and discontinuously, with a 4-l tubular reactor. It can also be used to test systems for process control, fault detection and diagnosis, manufacturing execution, planning, optimization, modeling, etc., in real time, both on test reactors and on partially simulated hybrid systems using a flexible system of simulation, monitoring and computer-aided control. It has 8-l CSTR reactors with a recirculation system and 4-l tubular reactor; systems for monitoring temperature, pH, redox, O2 , flow, etc; dosing pump actuators, speed controllers, proportional valves (flow/recirculation control), electrovalves (sequencing of operations, etc.); PLC and SCADA system; and OPC Server. 

The UPC offers the services performance that the equipment could carry out.

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