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Reaction wall
Manufactured at the UPC: 1

A wall used for applying horizontal forces. The wall, which consists of precast concrete blocks, is 1.6-m deep, 0.8-m wide and 1.2-m high. A system comprising 12 modules allows walls to be formed up to a height of 3.6 m and with a variable width.

It is equipped with two hydraulic servo pistons with dynamic functionality to apply forces. The compression and traction workloads of one piston are 250 kN and 160 kN, respectively; those of the other piston are 350 kN and 250 kN, respectively.

The UPC offers the services performance that the equipment could carry out.

Information and use

  • For more information about equipment characteristics and possibilities and for use requirement, please contact us:

    Tomas Garcia Vicente
    Telephone: 934017354
    Research unit: Structural Technology (TE)
  • Equipment use can be requested to STC-UPC technical staff, for processing:
Scientific and Technical Services at the UPC
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