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Wide wade flume (CIEMito)
Manufactured at the UPC: 1

Wide wave flume (CIEMito) for research studies conduct in maritime and coastal engineering field, in addition to the wave Canal CIEM. Made with cold rolled metal structure, walls and tempered glass-bottom 5+5 mm thick, 18 m length, 0.38 m width, 0.56 m depth and 0.36 maximum draft, has two wells 0.2 m diameter for filling and emptying equipment, and controlled water recirculation by means of stream generation system. Includes 3 m3 tank and a pumping-filtering system. Wave generation is performed by a reciprocating blade with 1 m linear actuator stroke and 1.6 m/s maximum response speed. Maximum theoretical capacity corresponds to 1.7 s period and 0.28 m high wave, with software for regular, irregular and time series reproduction wave generation. Maximum capacity of Wavelab data acquisition and analysis system is 32 analog expandable channels, with a set of 8 probes sensors HRWallingford resistive wave, 8 Microsonic acoustic level sensors and 2 industrial cameras 2MPix IDS for tests measurement and documentation.

The UPC offers the services performance that the equipment could carry out.

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