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Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
Manufacturer: JEOL
Model: JSM 5610

The scanning electron microscope is based on the interaction between an electron beam and the surface of a given solid material. The result is a high-resolution image of the surface topography of the material that, seen in a computer screen, may be analyzed using image analysis tools. For the preparation of non-conductive samples, there is sputtering equipment for depositing thin layers of gold on the surface of the samples, making them electrically conductive and enabling their visualization using the microscope.

The UPC offers the services performance that the equipment could carry out.

Information and use

  • For more information about equipment characteristics and possibilities and for use requirement, please contact us:

    Mercedes Escusa Julian
    Telephone: 937398175
    Research unit: Electron Microscopy Service
  • Equipment use can be requested to STC-UPC technical staff, for processing:
Scientific and Technical Services at the UPC
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