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Rapid Prototyping - Stereolithography
Manufacturer: 3D Systems
Model: SLA-7000
Equipment for 3D design model stereolithography development. This process induces rapid prototyping, by lamination, by using different photosensitive epoxy resins that solidify layer by layer when exposed to a UV laser light frequency.

The main feature of this technology is high precision that allows a high detail reproduction. The tray has a volume of 50x50x60 cm, but it is possible to produce prototypes which exceed these dimensions.

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The UPC offers the services performance that the equipment could carry out.

Information and use

  • For more information about equipment characteristics and possibilities and for use requirement, please contact us:

    Felip Fenollosa Artes
    Telephone: 93 4017171
    Research unit: CIM foundation (FCIM)
  • Equipment use can be requested to STC-UPC technical staff, for processing:
Scientific and Technical Services at the UPC
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