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Multifunctional machining
Manufacturer: Mori Seiki
Model: NT 3150 (M04)
Multifunctional machining equipment (turning, milling) in 7 axes (X, Y, Z head twist, piece turn, jaw changing  and lower face attack), ideal for very complex components production, because all sides machining is allowed without subsequent operations. IAutomatic tool changer, with up to 40 different tools storage capacity.

The UPC offers the services performance that the equipment could carry out.

Information and use

  • For more information about equipment characteristics and possibilities and for use requirement, please contact us:

    Felip Fenollosa Artes
    Telephone: 93 4017171
    Research unit: CIM foundation (FCIM)
  • Equipment use can be requested to STC-UPC technical staff, for processing:
Scientific and Technical Services at the UPC
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