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What we offer

  1. 1. Contact the person in charge of the equipment, laboratory or service directly.
  2. Users with science and technology needs can search for the equipment and services that best meet their needs. The technical information on the equipment or service and the contact person’s details are stored in a basic file.

    Search the Science and Technology Website Search the Science and Technology Website

  3. 2. Contact our support staff.

    Users may seek advice and assistance in meeting their technology needs from the Science and Technology Website support staff, who will provide them with quality-assured financial and technical options.

    To use this service, users must state their formal technical requirements on the application form. Once the application form has been submitted, our support staff will manage and coordinate the offers, requests and use of the equipment or service and deal with invoicing.

    This service will be subject to an administrative fee if any agreements are made.

    Support service application form Support service application form


Scientific and Technical Services at the UPC
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