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Compression testing machine
Equipment used for the realization of conventional compression testing and also for calculate the modulus of rigidity on cylindrical test tubes and construction ...

Curvature testing machine (4 points)
The equipment allows make a curvature test for measuring the rigidly and for value the fatigue resistance of bituminous materials for pavement. The ...

Cutting rheometer
Equipment to measure the cutting effort of bituminous products. The main features of this equipment are: - Angular resolution of 0.012 radians. ...

Electric oven drying and sterilization
Oven, with or without air circulation, which allows working in a range of temperatures between 0 0 C and 250 0 C. The unit has a volume of 80 liters

Engine room simulator
Simulation module designed in accordance with STCW95 code requirements. The equipment combines representation systems in monitors and ship real control ...

Fragmentation resistance equipment
Equipment for determining, by means of impact, cohesion loss in open grain size specimens, with temperature control. Equipped with 12 mm wall thickness ...

Hydraulic universal testing machine
The equipment allows make dynamic and static tests (tensile, compression) for bituminous mixtures. It has a maximum weight of 100 kN, and it allow a displacement ...

Impact compactor
The equipment is an automatic electromagnetic compactor, with a wooden stand and an electronic selector of the shock number, with automatic detention. ...

Pressure Aging Vessel,PAV
Equipment that allows accelerated aging processes bituminous products by pressure and temperature.

Resistivity tester
Equipment for land studies through electrical resistivity profiles development, provided by electric waves.

Study of the ground, developing a seismic section using the method of refraction. The power source is inserted into the broadcast poll, while receiving ...

Topographic station
Equipment consisting of a topographical station that allows land measures realization and topographic surveys, with an 10 s angular accuracy and ± 3 mm ...

Topographic station
Robotic surveying station for topographic measurements by GPS dual frequency, equipped with both base and movable receiver, 2 s angular accuracy and ±2 ...

Water bath
Water bath, 10 liters volume, 350 mm x 210 mm x 140 mm size (length x width x height), temperature range between 0 and 100 ° C.

Wheel-tracking test machine
Equipment to measure the plastic deformation of bituminous mixtures according to the UNW EN 12697-22 and the NLT-173. It is possible, with this equipment, ...

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