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Nuclear physics

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Continuous radon monitor environmental
Ionization chamber for radon concentration environmental measurements of radioactive samples

Laboratory of radiochemical and analysis of radioactivity
Service trials in levels lower of radioactivity in environmental samples (matrix of water, soil, particles of air and food, etc). The laboratory is accredited ...

Equipment for the calibration of devices that measure ionizing radiations.

Manual thermoluminescent dosimeter
A handset used for analyzing dose measures of personal and environmental radiation absorbed by the elements in samples of various morphologies.

Monitor gamma decays
Equipment for monitoring and implementation of gamma dose rate continuous measurement produced by environmental isotopes decay. .

Photon irradiator
Equipment with 8 radioactive activity sources for performing calibrations of other devices by measuring ionizing radiation. It is accredited by the National ...

Pilot plant for catalytic reactions
Facilities for testing various heterogeneous catalysts under industrial conditions (pressure, temperature, etc.).

Radioactive aerosol monitor
Equipment for automatic and continuous radon concentration measurements, also artificial radioactive aerosols (alpha and beta), and monitor displaying ...

Semi-automatic thermoluminescent dosimeter
A device for measuring the personal and environmental radiation dose absorbed by the elements in samples of different morphologies (tapes of chips, rods ...

X-ray generator
High-stability X-ray generator of 30 kV, 40 kV and 300 kV, with a maximum voltage of 320 kV and 4.2 W power. It has been accredited by ENAC (ISO 17025) ...

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