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Advisory and consultancy on the deployment of FTTH networks
Service for configuring FTTH networks according to user needs. Design and optimization of resources.

Atomic force microscope (AFM)
Equipment that provides three-dimensional images of solid surfaces with a high resolution. It is based on local interaction between a point and the observed ...

Binocular auto-refractometer
Device for measuring the diameter of the pupil, with a 0.1-mm path, simultaneously with the refraction value. The measurements are monitored. The functionality ...

Characterization and measurement of optical amplifiers
Doped fiber characterization (cross sections measurement). Noise emission profile (ASE) and gain.

CO2 laser with 1700 W
A CO 2 laser with 1700 W of power for developing new surface applications in metallic, ceramic and polymeric materials.

Color assessment booth
A device for measuring colors using illuminators standardized by the International Commission on Illumination, CIE (D65, TL84, F and UV). The booth is ...

Color spectrophotometer
Equipment for measuring surface color by determining chromatic coordinates. It also identifies differences in color and degree of whiteness. It has its ...

Portable equipment that can measure the colorimetric coordinates of samples by contact. The maximum measuring area is 8 mm 2 .

Combustion table
Equipment used for simulating forest fires at laboratory scale and determining their burning and propagation rates.

Confocal and interferometric profilometer
A dual system that combines confocal and interferometric techniques. It is suitable for obtaining a rapid geometric evaluation of technical surfaces in ...

Confocal profilometer
Equipment for making non-contact surface profile measurements with a resolution of a few nanometers. The vertical resolution is 1 nm to 100 nm and it can ...

Contact spectrophotometer
A portable device for determining spectral reflectance curves in the visible spectral region and making colorimetric measurements. It consists of a spectrophotometer ...

Continuous dyeing of fabrics
Equipment used for impregnating dyes on continuous fabric and measuring color fixation. The dye is developed during the process of washing and drying the ...

Equipment for indirect determining of surface light absorption by reflection, as cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). Specifically, form quality control ...

Digital drapemeter
Equipment to measure fabric, leathers and flexible sheet drape. This is a standard model that measures the surface cusickmeter shadow drape of a circular ...

Diode-pumped laser
Laser solid state diode pumped, working at 532 nm with 10 W output power.

Dynamic scattering light (DSL)
The equipment allows the measurement of particle sizes and potentials Zeta – which indicates the particle's surface charge – of different scattering ...

High power pulsed laser
10 Hz laser that suitable for nonlinear processes studies, when wavelength between 1065 nm, 532 nm and 266 nm.

High resolution oscilloscope
High temporal resolution oscilloscope, 4 channels and 1 GHz bandwidth. 4 GS/s sampling rate

High speed camera
Equipment for analyzing the performance of production lines (to detect critical points and bottlenecks), studying mechanical failure, conducting rupture ...

High speed video camera/High speed camera
Equipment consisting of a high resolution camera (1024 x 1024) for capturing images at high speed (up to 3000 frames/s). A lower resolution (512 x 512) ...

Hyperspectral camera/Spectrograph camera
Equipment used for imaging spectroscopy at high spatial resolution (1392 x 1040 pixels) for the spectral characterization of objects between 400 nm and ...

Instrumentation calibration
Optical instrumentation calibration in UV-VIS-NIR range (spectrophotometers, spectroradiometers, colorimeters, lux meters, radiometers, etc.).

Equipment that measures speed and movement using a Doppler interferometer. The system only measures one point at a distance of up to 100 meters, with a ...

Laser controller module
Equipment that controls the temperature and injection of multiple laser currents.

Light meter
A portable light meter with a measuring range between 0 lx and 20000 lx.

Lightfastness testing
Equipment for testing color quality and lightfastness by controlling color degradation under xenon light with a temperature of up to 45 °C and up to 65% ...

Lightfastness testing
Equipment for testing color quality and lightfastness by controlling color degradation under xenon light with a temperature of up to 45 °C and up to 65% ...

Optical system with a built-in camera (x40, x20) for the observation and study of irregular surface samples.

Maritime wave flume research and experimentation
A wave flume (100-m long, 3-m wide and 5-m deep) for conducting tests and analyses close to the real scales (usually between 1:2 and 1:20) at the CIEM. ...

Microscope with polarizer
Equipment for determining the birefringence of polymer materials through polarized light observation. Adapted with a Polaroid camera backing for achieving ...

Multiple laser source
A multiple laser source, tunable with power meters, that induces currents with wavelengths ranging from 1260 mm to 1640 nm and an accuracy of ± 3.6 pm.

Optical device characterization
Characterization and measurement of bandwidth and loss of filters, AWGs and OADMs. Transient optical switches.

Optical fiber characterization
Spectral attenuation measurement, dispersion measurement, OTDR measurements of deployment (attenuation, reflections, etc.), PMD measurements.

Optical microscope
Equipment for transparent or translucent samples observation and characterization, by means of light transmission. Deltapix built-in image capture, observation ...

Optical microscope
Equipment consisting of an optical system with a magnification of up to 100x, with a built-in camera.

Optical microscope
the observation, study solid samples , , magnification. camera for further analysis. of textile products.

Optical parametric oscillator
Optical parametric oscillator which allows extending the emission range of the Titanium-sapphire laser to the infrared region of the spectrum (1050-1330 ...

Optical polarization analyzer
A device for analyzing incident light polarization.

Optical quality analysis system (OQAS)
Equipment for measuring the retinal image quality of the human eye.

Optical spectrum analyzer
Optical spectrum analyzer device, for values between 600 and 1750 nm.

Optical spectrum analyzer
A device for visualizing optical spectra, in a range of 600 nm to 1750 nm. It has a high level of accuracy for power level (RBW <3% and 50 pm in λ) ...

Outsourcing and R&D in optical fiber transmission
Optical networks transceivers design. Laboratory and test prototypes of unfolding. Turnkey solutions with integration of IP multimedia service.

Pre-certification of transmission links and systems
Power balance. Power margin. Bit error rate (BER) measurement.

Pulsed Nd:YAG lasers
Nd: YAG laser, pulsed Q-switch, single-mode stabilizer for injection, second harmonic generator. Provides light pulses about 10 ns duration at a frequency ...

Radiofrequency spectrum analyzer
Radiofrequency spectrum analyzer device, for bandwidth between 9 kHz and 3 GHz.

Radiometer and colorimeter
Equipment for taking radiometric and colorimetric measurements in the visible spectrum (380 nm to 780 nm), in a variable field with a diameter of 0.5 mm ...

Radiometer-photometer/radiation and photometry meter
Equipment for taking radiometric and photometric measurements in the ultraviolet (UVA, UVB, actinic), visible and near infrared (between 185 nm and 1000 ...

Radiuscope and focometer
Focometer: an instrument for measuring distances and focal points of optical elements. Radiuscope: an instrument for measuring the radii of optical ...

Reflectance spectrophotometer
Equipment for evaluation of optical properties of samples of paper and other surfaces, for wavelengths between 400 nm to 700 nm. Enables the identification ...

Reflection spectrophotometer
Equipment for measuring surface color by determining chromatic coordinates. It is also used for identifying differences in color and whiteness. It is equipped ...

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
The scanning electron microscope is based on the interaction between an electron beam and the surface of a given solid material. The result is a high-resolution ...

Scheimpflug camera/Corneal topography camera
A rotating camera that captures clear smooth images with information on the surface of the anterior segment of the human eye for clinical studies of patients ...

Equipment for measuring absorbed wavelength ratios in a working range of 200 nm to 1100 nm, with an accuracy of ± 1 nm in wavelength and 2 nm in spectral ...

Spectroscopic ellipsometer
Equipment for characterizing thin semi-transparent layers (1 nm to 5 mm). The system evaluates the thickness and the optical properties of the material ...

Spectroscopic reflectometer
Equipment for measuring the thickness of transparent thin-film layers (10 nm-40 mm, with a resolution of 0.1 nm) by projecting white light through an optical ...

Stereo camera
A camera that shows the distance and depth of the elements in the captured image. It has a Firewire output for subsequent processing.

Stereo microscope
Optical microscopy equipment for observation and reflection in 3-D samples. It has a digital camera to capture Deltapix 300 micrographs and perform image ...

Stereoscopic microscope for solid samples observation, work distance up to 113 mm and viewing angle up to 60°, for magnification between 0.75 and 5X.

Technological outsourcing and R&D in optical fiber transmission
Design of transceivers for optical networks. Lab deployment tests and prototyping. Particularized solutions.

Thermal infrared (IR) camera
A device for taking thermographs to measure the temperature of objects and/or bodies between from -20 °C to 350 °C. It has an articulated lens for capturing ...

Thermographic studies
For industrial maintenance, engine performance, leaking hot water pipes, electrical panels, etc..

Titanium-sapphire laser
Titanium-sapphire laser, 76 MHz nominal frequency and operating range between 700 and 1000 nm. Can be used to generate pulses at less than 200 fs.

UV spectrophotometer (Spectronic 20D)
Equipment that can measure the proportions of an absorbed wavelength in a working range between 340 nm and 950 nm, with an accuracy of 2.5 nm in wavelength ...

UV transmittance analyzer
A device for determining the UV transmittance of fabrics, creams and containers, as well as the in-vitro UV protection factor of fabrics and the sun protection ...

UV-VIS-IR spectrophotometer (Spectro 320)
Equipment for making fast and accurate spectral, radiometric, photometric and colorimetric, reflectance and transmittance measurements within a wide dynamic ...

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