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Heat engines

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DSC analyzer using UV radiation
A calorimetric testing device for measuring heat capacities, phase changes, heats of reaction and thermal transitions, with samples subjected to UV radiation.

Electric furnace
Electric furnace, with and without air circulation, for temperature range between 0 and 220 °C. Equipment dimensions are 400 mm x 400 mm x 340 mm (length ...

Energy variable parameters meter
Equipment for measuring fluids parameters, such as temperature, humidity and pressure, for determination of energy variables.

FTIR infrared spectrophotometer with ATR
Equipment for identifying functional groups of organic materials and certain structures of solid and liquid samples using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) ...

High speed camera
Equipment for analyzing the performance of production lines (to detect critical points and bottlenecks), studying mechanical failure, conducting rupture ...

Modeling system air conditioningsystem
Simulate real operation of centralised air conditioning equipment.

Portable combustion analyzer
Equipment for combustion smoke emitted analysis, to determine combustion process performance.

Precision thermal imager
High accuracy Infrared thermal imaging camera for objects temperature determination (± 20 ° C). Energy efficiency analysis, both positive and negative ...

Ultrasonic flowmeter
Equipment for determining fluids flow without pipelines modifications, because the system is placed on the same pipelines, for control and balanced facilities.

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