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High speed video camera/High speed camera
Equipment consisting of a high resolution camera (1024 x 1024) for capturing images at high speed (up to 3000 frames/s). A lower resolution (512 x 512) ...

Hot-wire anemometer
A Dantec Dynamics-type probe anemometer made of fiberfilm and boundary layer for the diagnosis of the basic flow of air currents.

Hyperbaric chamber
Equipment that recreates pressure conditions through hydrostatic pressure. Its range is 0 atm to 30 atm. The volume of the chamber is 816 liters.

Jet engine test bank
A device that provides a method for controlling the operational performance of aircraft jet engines. It works with a load range of between 10 N and 100 ...

Low-pressure transducer
A pressure transducer with variable capacity for low pressures (0 to 0.5 PSID and 0-1 PSID) and high precision, for chronoamperometry, chronopotentiometry ...

Smoke generator for flow visualization
Equipment that generates smoke, with different types of probes, useful for flow visualization.

Vibration analyzer
A portable device for the amplification and conditioning of signals for piezoelectric-type sensors for modal analysis studies. It incorporates up to 40 ...

Water permeability meter
Equipment used for determining water permeability in fabrics under hydrostatic pressure and identifying the maximum level of water pressure that a fabric ...

Wide wade flume (CIEMito)
Wide wave flume (CIEMito) for research studies conduct in maritime and coastal engineering field, in addition to the wave Canal CIEM. Made with cold rolled ...

Wind tunnel
Equipment consisting of an open circuit tunnel with a closed chamber of 20 cm in diameter for measuring velocity, pressure and visualization of flow, and ...

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