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Quantitative analysis

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Chromatograph mass
Equipment for volatile compounds separation, thermal profile allowed between 50 and 450 ° C (1 °C increments), and subsequent analysis by mass spectrometry.

Gas chromatograph (GC)
The equipment performs the separation of various volatile substances present in a sample. The separation allows the identification and quantification of ...

Gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer
Volatile organic compounds separation equipment with mass spectrometry further analysis possibility.

Gas chromatograph coupled to mass spectrometer
Equipment for volatile organic compounds separation, with possibility of further analysis by mass spectrometry. Automatic sampler, model Triplus, is allowed.

Infrared spectrophotometer (FTIR)
Equipment used for identifying functional groups of organic materials, paints and certain structures of solid and liquid samples, by means of Fourier transform ...

Refrigerated incubators
Refrigerated incubator “Medilow”L With forced air fan circulation. With digital electronic temperature control. Temperature range controllable from ...

Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (UHPLC)
An instrument for the separation of various substances present in a sample. This separation allows the identification and quantification of various component ...

UV-visible spectrophotometer
The device measures the amount of light absorbed by a sample at a fixed wavelength, or performs a sweep between two wavelengths, within the working range ...

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