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Soil and subsoil

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Aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology
Acute and subchronic (short and long term) toxicity measurement test and studies service to with different organisms such as bacteria, algae, daphnia, ...

Atomic absorption spectrometer
Equipment for metal compounds analysis, in acqueous samples and also in solid samples.

A device for sterilizing culture media, pipette tips, etc. It has a 75-liter capacity and can work with a temperature range between 115 °C and 134 °C, ...

Field sampling in natural areas
Living water, soil or sediment organisms sampling service, with the aim of molecular level biomarker keeping track in living organisms as indicators of ...

Flame photometer
Sodium, potassium and lithium analysis equipment, for aqueous samples and solid samples. 20 ppb sodium and potassium lower detection limit, and 100 unit’s ...

Gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer
Volatile organic compounds separation equipment with mass spectrometry further analysis possibility.

Gas chromatograph coupled to mass spectrometer
Equipment for volatile organic compounds separation, with possibility of further analysis by mass spectrometry. Automatic sampler, model Triplus, is allowed.

Histology service
Design and histological studies service, with organs and tissues organisms sample preparation (fish, worms, etc.). Paraffin entraining, block station, ...

Infrared spectrometer
Equipment for the characterization of organic compounds in liquid samples, aqueous or solid. An infrared spectrum is characteristic of each substance, ...

Optical system with a built-in camera (x40, x20) for the observation and study of irregular surface samples.

Muffle furnace
A WC Heraeus Hanau muffle furnace, KR-170 model, with an adjustable temperature control up to 1200 °C.

Spectrophotometer, fluorimeter, luminometer
Equipment for performing fluorescence and/or luminescence spectrophotometric determinations. Suitable for biomarkers monitoring in aquatic and terrestrial ...

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