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Electrical engineering

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Three-phase converter with induction motors
Equipment consisting of a didactic conversion kit with an H-bridge of 900 V/20 A and associated electronics to work as an inverter of up to 12 kHz. It ...

128-channel amplifier
A device for registering the electrical activity signals of human body muscles by means of 128 measurement channels. The device complies with European ...

4-channel wattmeter/4-channel voltage meter/4-channel watt meter
Equipment for measuring electrical power in 4 fully independent digital channels in AC and DC. It also analyses the associated harmonics. It has several ...

AC probe
A device for measuring alternating current intensity in a range between 300 mA and 300,000 A.

Adjustable frequency alternator
Equipment made up of a set of 15 +15 kVA +30 kVA alternators for verifying and validating electrical components working with constant current under frequencies ...

Autonomous or network PEMFC system energy management
Analysis and modeling generation service by PEMFC (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells), also maximum efficiency management strategies proposals.

Brake dynamometer equipment
Equipment designed for determining the torque in rotating electrical machine tests by measuring the brake. The effective power going in or out of the machine ...

Brake torque control
Equipment for measuring brake with torque control according to time (up to 3.25 Nm). It is equipped with a DSP6001dynamometer controller and uses ...

Converter, three-phase inverter
Prototype equipment consisting of an H-bridge converter with a maximum input range of 1200 V/200 A prototype, which can be used as an inverter up to 50 ...

Current pulse generator
Equipment for testing high voltage elements by conducting current pulses up to 100 kA (lightning), with a standard impulse that reaches the maximum value ...

DC probe
A device for measuring direct current intensity in a range between 0.4 A and 60 A.

DC programmable charges
Several set of programmable DC electronic loads with current values from 80 A to 150 A, and a voltage of 60 V.

Differential probe
A device for measuring DC voltage for voltages of ± 500 V rms and effective value of 300 Vrms.

Digital wave function generator
Generator of digital wave functions (sinusoidal, rectangular, triangular and pulse) based on direct digital synthesis (DDS) by using a phase accumulator ...

Distribution networks supervision and management
Analysis, modeling and optimization service for complex fluids or electricity distribution networks, by optimal flows topologies algorithms determination.

Electrical calibration
Calibration of electrical equipment such as clamp meters, multimeters, testers, oscilloscopes and temperature readers.

Electromagnetic field (EMF) studies
Service that carries out studies to evaluate existing electromagnetic fields in the workplace and solutions for minimizing them.

Electronic work space
Electronic instrumentation design and prototyping. Microprocessor programming and design customized solutions for motor control and complex systems. Design ...

Fast prototyping system
Equipment consisting of an electric digital signal processor, with a data acquisition system of up to 3 GHz. It can generate signals for different communication ...

High-voltage testing transformer
Equipment for carrying out dielectric voltage tests supported at industrial frequency (50 Hz) by applying a standard surge (up to 300 kV, with 75 kVA power) ...

High-voltage testing transformer, 50 Hz (TA.1)
Equipment for verifying the integrity of dielectric elements through dielectric testing of industrial frequency voltage (50 Hz). A standard voltage (up ...

Impedance meter - LCR meter
Impedance measurement and analysis device, an impedance measurement in a frequency range between 50 Hz and 1 MHz. Interface RS232 is allowed.

Medical biosignal amplifier
A modular device for recording physiological signals: EEG, ECG, EOG, EMG, respiratory signals, etc. It features a system for analog signal (16 inputs/2 ...

Medium voltage testing transformer, 50 Hz
A three-phase transformer for testing industrial frequency (50 Hz), with a variable voltage of between 0 V and 400 V. It verifies electrical phenomena ...

Meter testing
A system for testing low-voltage single-phase electricity meters (230 V).

Equipment used for measuring various electrical parameters and magnitudes, such as voltage, amperage and resistance.

A precision multimeter that can work with up to 1000 V DC voltages, 100 MΩ resistance and 3 A DC current.

Multiproduct electric calibrator
Multiproduct electrical generator, suitable for calibrating any electrical equipment. It generates any type of electrical signal (voltage up to 1000 V ...

Multipurpose 8-channel amplifier
A modular device for bioelectric signal recording (ECG, EEG and EMG) that can be connected to two 8-channel recording devices. The device samples the data ...

Network analyzer
A device for measuring frequency ranges between 300 kHz to 8 GHz, with 4 ports and automatic calibration kit.

Nondestructive test (NDT) for microwave materials
Applicator and receiving vectorial system device (magnitude and phase) associated to audible warning system or radiation focusing lens, suitable for electrical ...

Electronic equipment used for the capture, analysis and graphic representation of electrical signals that vary over time in a 4-channel time domain and ...

Partial discharge meter for high-voltage insulation
Equipment for validating and improving other electrical material designs working under high-voltage conditions.

PC oscilloscope
Electronic equipment used for the capture, analysis and graphic representation of isolated electrical signals in an isolated 4-channel time domain and ...

PEMFC electric power generation
System modeling of electric power generation service, by PEMFC (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells), also efficient control systems proposal for electric ...

PEMFC system monitoring
Acquisition, monitoring and performance evaluation systems design and construction service for generating electricity systems by PEMFC (Proton Exchange ...

PEMFC systems characterization
Static and dynamic design and experimental testing service, for PEMFC (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells) systems.

PEMFC systems prototype generation
Design, construction, implementation and testing system of generation prototype systems by PEMFC (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells).

Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells,PEMFC
Station for the characterization of PEM fuel cells "Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells" low power, less than 150 w. One station is equipped with ...

Portable electric calibrator
A portable electric multiproduct calibrator. It is a generator and reader of electrical signals (V, A), resistance and temperature. It can also be used ...

Power meter analyzer
Four channel power meter analyzer, up to 1000 V and 20 A measures each channel, also can be used as datalogger. Ethernet and USB interfaces are allowed.

Power supply
A continuous power supply capable of generating an output of 1200 W, with a maximum voltage of 600 V and a current of 2 A.

Pulse counter / Frequency counter
An frequency and pulse counter with two reading channels for frequencies of 225 MHz at 12 bit/s.

Signal generator
Equipment for generating signals up to 2.2 GHz. It includes a GPS device and A-GPS simulation module.

Spectral analyzer
A spectral analyzer of electrical signals in a frequency range of between 9 kHz and 40 GHz.

Sustainable projects
Sustainable-architecture projects design and development, at the Vallès Architecture School. Information center, exhibition and documentation of products, ...

Testing low-voltage currents at industrial frequency
A device for carrying out measurement tests of constant currents in permanent regime of up to 5 kA in environmental conditions and up to 25000 kA with ...

Thermal infrared (IR) camera
A device for taking thermographs to measure the temperature of objects and/or bodies between from -20 °C to 350 °C. It has an articulated lens for capturing ...

Voltage pulse generator for high voltage material
Equipment for dielectrics testing (beam position) of high-voltage devices (switches, cables, transformers and reactants). The voltage limit of the test ...

Voltage pulse generator for low voltage equipment
Equipment used to test dielectrics (beam position) in order to verify the robustness of electrical material for a low voltage network. Test conditions ...

Wattmeter/Power meter/Watt meter
A high-precision electrical power meter in DC or AC, which also analyzes harmonics. The working voltage range is between 0 V and 600 V and the current ...

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