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Graphic expression

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Cross-reel fabric dyeing
Equipment for cross-reel eco-dyeing. The dye bath can be recovered for reuse (up to 25 times). The dye system can be inverted (from inside to outside and ...

Equipment that allows determining the distribution of the macroporosity and mesoporosity of a sample by capillary flow porometry (liquid expulsion technique) ...

Portable virtual reality system
Virtual reality POLHEMUS FASTRACK system, moderate size with only one viewing computer, 1.2 x 0.9 m rear projection screen of 1.2 x 0.9 m.

Rapid Prototyping - Stereolithography
Equipment for 3D design model stereolithography development. This process induces rapid prototyping, by lamination, by using different photosensitive ...

Virtual reality display multiwall system
Multiwall overhead projectors service, three screens and 3x3 m front sides screen, to display POLHEMUS FASTRACK virtual reality applications with passive ...

Virtual reality wall
Rear projection display system in a large 2.7 m x 2 m screen, for virtual reality applications. Passive stereo projection is circularly polarized. Virtual ...

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