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Hydraulics and hidrology

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CARPA software
Equipment consisting of a high-resolution numerical simulation tool for measuring flow in rivers, canals and other places, in one or two dimensions.

An electronic measuring system designed for making calculations in parallel. 36 Intel Pentium 4 have been used, and it currently has a hard disk capacity ...

Distribution networks supervision and management
Analysis, modeling and optimization service for complex fluids or electricity distribution networks, by optimal flows topologies algorithms determination.

Dual-slope platform
Equipment consisting of a 30-m 2 (6 x 5) facility with a fluid flow of up to 250 l/s and a maximum gradient of 10%.

Flowmeter with ultrasound measurements
A device consisting of a reader of the volume of flow that circulates through a pipe without having to open it. Flow is measured using ultrasound in a ...

High Performance Computing system support
Our computational support team provides a customized full service for researchers using the HPC system. Software installation and configuration, parallel ...

High-speed camera
A high-speed filming device. It has a resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 pixels, with 8 bits for monochrome images and 24 bits for color images. Its filming speed ...

Multiparameter probe - Wells level
Equipment to measure water quality in subterranean waters, as a mobile laboratory, appropriate for piezometers measures in control from 2" diameter. ...

Probe - Level Wells
Equipment for accurate measures of water level in wells and small diameter piezometers, by means of a probe sensor, water conductivity responsive, and ...

Speed mill
Equipment used for measuring water velocity in a certain direction.

Speed profiler
Equipment for taking water profile measurements by sound signals and a Doppler evaluation. Its most common applications are coastal, river, lake and canal ...

Steep-slope channel
A 9-m-long channel with a variable slope (up to 60%, which corresponds to 30º) and a 40x60-cm rectangular section. The channel can be used for the recirculation ...

Variable slope canal
A 20-m long canal with a variable slope (up to 40%), used to perform measurements in sediment displacement tests and for the calibration of similar equipment.

Water level sensor
Equipment for measuring water levels (between 0 m and 20 m) in various places with a level sensor and submersible pressure transmitter.

Wide wade flume (CIEMito)
Wide wave flume (CIEMito) for research studies conduct in maritime and coastal engineering field, in addition to the wave Canal CIEM. Made with cold rolled ...

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