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Earthquake engineering

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Hollow cylinder test
Testing equipment for rotation/torque and axial load/displacement automatic control, when applied on a soil hollow cylinder sample. Confining and inner ...

Hydraulic testing machine
Servo-controlled hydraulic testing machine with 2000 kN static actuator, stiff loading frame, automatic control and acquisition system, specifically adapted ...

Mercury intrusion porosimeter
Non-wetting fluid (mercury) Intrusion device, by pressure, for pore size distribution determining in solid porous sample. Mercury intrusion pressure is ...

Resistivity tester
Equipment for land studies through electrical resistivity profiles development, provided by electric waves.

Study of the ground, developing a seismic section using the method of refraction. The power source is inserted into the broadcast poll, while receiving ...

Stereographic aerial pictures Plotter (photogravimetry)
Equipment for carrying out topographic maps from aerial photographs, especially suitable for large or inaccessible areas.

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