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Food tecnology

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Adsorbable organic halogen analyzer
Equipment for halogenated organic determination adsorbed in aqueous or solid samples (tissues, paper, sludge), by using micro coulombimetric method.

Analysis unit
Service with the main objective to support teaching, research and technology transfer in instrumental chemical analysis field, by using different equipments. ...

Atomic absorption spectrometer
Equipment for metal compounds analysis, in acqueous samples and also in solid samples.

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
Equipment for analyzing metals in inorganic solutions. The sample or pattern flows into the automatic diluter (SIPS). The calibration time with 5-6 patterns ...

A device for sterilizing culture media, pipette tips, etc. It has a 75-liter capacity and can work with a temperature range between 115 °C and 134 °C, ...

Biological oxygen demand (BOD) meter
Equipment for making biological oxygen demand (BOD) measurements.

Equipment that enables the centrifugation of mixture by applying a centrifugal force of up to 4200 rpm.

Chromatograph mass
Equipment for volatile compounds separation, thermal profile allowed between 50 and 450 ° C (1 °C increments), and subsequent analysis by mass spectrometry.

Climatic chamber
A device that consists of a chamber for recreating environments with controlled temperature and humidity, and the possibility of performing test cycles.

CO2 incubator
Equipment for recording the entire growth process of sclerotic cell cultures. It also regulates temperature variations.

Portable equipment that can measure the colorimetric coordinates of samples by contact. The maximum measuring area is 8 mm 2 .

Differential scanning calorimeter, DSC
A device used for the thermal analysis of polymeric samples based on the amount of heat required to raise their temperature. It can determine the thermal ...

Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) analyzer
A calorimetric testing device for measuring heat capacities, phase changes, heats of reaction and thermal transitions. It is equipped with a 400 W furnace ...

Digital Bacteriological Incubators
The equipment consists of an electric oven, with natural air conviction, microprocessor regulation and digital readout of temperature and time, which ...

Drying chamber
Equipment used for studying biological samples by dehydration. Fungi or bacteria cultures can be made. It has a useful volume of 53 liters and can reach ...

Drying stove
Stove for residual moisture removing in solid samples, by gently heating. Equipment work in a range temperature between 40 0 C to 250 0 C. The maximum ...

DSC analyzer using UV radiation
A calorimetric testing device for measuring heat capacities, phase changes, heats of reaction and thermal transitions, with samples subjected to UV radiation.

Electric furnace
Electric furnace for carrying out heat treatment, with precise temperature control up to 1500 °C ± 1 °C, heating and cooling ramps program allowed, ...

Electric furnace
Electric furnace, with and without air circulation, for temperature range between 0 and 220 °C. Equipment dimensions are 400 mm x 400 mm x 340 mm (length ...

Electric oven drying and sterilization
Oven, with or without air circulation, which allows working in a range of temperatures between 0 0 C and 250 0 C. The unit has a volume of 80 liters

Electrophoresis equipment
Equipment used for separating mixtures of electrically charged particles in solutions. It takes advantage of the different migration speed when an electric ...

Flame photometer
A device for performing atomic emission spectroscopy analysis of alkali atoms such as sodium and potassium ions.

Flame photometer
Sodium, potassium and lithium analysis equipment, for aqueous samples and solid samples. 20 ppb sodium and potassium lower detection limit, and 100 unit’s ...

Fluorescence spectrophotometer/Fluorimeter
Equipment for the analysis, identification and quantification of chemical substances with molecules that may present fluorescence by means of the fluorescence ...

Food technology
Advice on trials to food life study design, also on consumers preferences: variable response choosing, observation number per consumer calculation, sample ...

FTIR infrared spectrophotometer with ATR
Equipment for identifying functional groups of organic materials and certain structures of solid and liquid samples using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) ...

FTIR spectroscopy
Equipment for identifying functional groups of organic materials, polymers and certain structures of solid and liquid samples by Fourier transform infrared ...

Gas chromatograph
Equipment that allows the physical and chemical separation of gases and/or liquids. Measures are obtained from the thermal conductivity of the sample.

Gas chromatograph
Equipment for volatile organic compounds separation, with FID, (Flame Ionization Detector) and TCD (Thermical Conductivity Detector). Includes an autosampler ...

Gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer
Volatile organic compounds separation equipment with mass spectrometry further analysis possibility.

Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (CG-MS)
An instrument for identifying, separating and quantifying volatile organic molecules whose presence in a sample is unknown, in a single step. ...

Gel doc
Equipment used for scanning electrophoresis gels (mixtures, proteins and DNA) by ultraviolet and white light. It features software for processing and managing ...

Gel permeation chromatograph (GPC)
Equipment used to separate the components of a polymer blend by components and by the distribution of molecular weights in both absolute and relative measures.

Gel photodocumentation system
Equipment for the digitization of all types of DNA gels, proteins and Western transfers. It is possible to work in chemiluminescence mode. The equipment ...

Grinding mill
Liquid or dry samples grinding equipment, by means of balls rotational. Laboratory conditions usually, but possible in cryogenic conditions, by adding ...

Grinding mill
Cellulosic samples grinding mill for further studies and analysis.

HAAKE Microextruder
Equipment for mixing and making rheological measurements of polymers (for quantities less than 10 g).

High magnification optical microscope
Equipment for the observation of metallographic preparations with a magnification of up to 500x. It exports images in the most common digital formats.

High performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC)
Equipment for separating, quantifying and identifying the components of a mixture using an automatic injector and a UV detector of high refractive index. ...

High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and Gel permeation chromatography (GPC)
Equipment that is used for separating a polymer blend by components and molecular weights. Monodispersed fractions can be prepared. It determines molecular ...

High speed centrifuge
Equipment consisting of a cell for separating the constituents of a mixture (liquid or suspension) by applying centrifugal forces.

Infrared spectrometer
Equipment for the characterization of organic compounds in liquid samples, aqueous or solid. An infrared spectrum is characteristic of each substance, ...

Infrared spectrophotometer (FTIR)
Equipment used for determining functional groups in polymer materials and tissues using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometry.

Infrared spectrophotometer (FTIR)
Equipment used for identifying functional groups of organic materials, paints and certain structures of solid and liquid samples, by means of Fourier transform ...

Infrared spectrophotometer (FTIR)
Equipment used for identifying functional groups of organic materials, paints and certain structures of solid and liquid samples by Fourier transform infrared ...

Ion chromatograph
Equipment for inorganic anionic components analysis in aqueous samples, eluent chemical suppression and degassing allowed. Includes thermal conductivity ...

Ion chromatograph
Equipment for performing anionic and cationic analyses for organic or inorganic solutions. The measurements are made from the conductivity of the solution ...

Ion chromatograph
Inorganic anionic components analysis device for aqueous samples, by using conductivity detection. The equipment has a flexible flow rate for pressures ...

Ion chromatograph (anionic)
Equipment for analyzing inorganic anions.

IR spectrometer
Equipment for identifying functional groups of organic materials, paints and certain structures of solid and liquid samples by Fourier transform infrared ...

Kjeldahl distillator
Automated equipment for systematic analysis by steam distillation, with temperature and pressure control.

Laminar flow booth
Equipment used for preparing and handling cell cultures. The dimensions of the sample holder compartment are 1230 x 670 x 700 mm, with a maximum laminar ...

A device for freeze-drying a previously frozen product by the vacuum sublimation of ice.

Equipment for samples lyophilization (freezing and dehydration) for lasting conservation, keeping organoleptic characteristics. Suitable for environmental ...

Mass spectrometer
Equipment that enables high-speed analysis of gases and gas mixtures under continuous reaction.

Micro gas chromatograph
Equipment for the quantitative analysis of continuous reaction products from parts per million (ppm) to percentages (%).

Equipment for making precision mass measurements from 0.001 mg to 5 g.

Microtox toxicity analyzer
Toxicity analyzer for liquid samples (aqueous solutions) and solid samples (soil, sediment) by using bioluminescent bacteria (Vibrio fischeri)

Equipment for water analysis and chemical analysis by evaporation up to 1150 °C. It is equipped with sample desiccators and mass meters.

Equipment used for heat and processing treatments at high temperatures (up to 900 °C).

Muffle furnace
Muffle furnace, 3,6 l capacity, for calcination and thermal treatment processes in materials, up to 1150 °C.

Muffle furnace
A WC Heraeus Hanau muffle furnace, KR-170 model, with an adjustable temperature control up to 1200 °C.

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
Equipment for analyzing organic and polymeric compounds in liquid samples, with accessories to make spectra of solid samples.

Optical microscope
Equipment consisting of an optical system with a magnification of up to 100x, with a built-in camera.

Optical microscope
Metallographic optical microscope, high resolution polarized light, for sample observation up to 1000 magnification. Equipped with image analysis software ...

Optical microscope
Equipment for transparent or translucent samples observation and characterization, by means of light transmission. Deltapix built-in image capture, observation ...

Optical microscope
the observation, study solid samples , , magnification. camera for further analysis. of textile products.

Optical microscope
Equipment for observing solid samples by transmission, reflectance or fluorescence. It has an image capturing system and NIS-Elements BR software.

Optical microscope
Equipment for observing solid samples with a magnification of up to 60x and without any preparation.

Optical spectrum analyzer
A device for visualizing optical spectra, in a range of 600 nm to 1750 nm. It has a high level of accuracy for power level (RBW <3% and 50 pm in λ) ...

Optimization of logistical problems
The service creates the design and the implementation of models and mathematical programming methods, as well as simulations for decision making in various ...

pH meter
Equipment for measuring and evaluating the pH of any aqueous solution. It can also record conductivity and temperature data for any liquid sample.

PH meter and conductivity
Full equipped allowing measurements of pH and conductivity in aqueous solutions

Plate reader
A fluorescence and absorbance (UV) plate reader, with the possibility of issuing a printed copy.

Polarizing optical microscope
Equipment used for morphological and phase transition observation of polymer materials. It has a Linkam heat plate and image analysis accessories.

An instrument used in redox reactions for measuring current intensity as the voltage is varied (voltammetry). It is used for analyzing chemical ...

Quality management
Advice on the effective implementation and management of quality systems. Experience in ISO 17025, ISO 9001 and 14000. Advice is given on the calibration ...

Redox potential reader
Equipment for measuring redox potential, pH and electrical conductivity of aqueous solutions.

Refrigerated centrifuge
Equipment used for tube centrifugation (0.2-50 ml) to separate the components of liquid mixtures or mixtures in suspension at temperatures ranging between ...

Refrigerated incubators
Refrigerated incubator “Medilow”L With forced air fan circulation. With digital electronic temperature control. Temperature range controllable from ...

Rotary evaporator
Rotary evaporator equipment, that can be used for one step distillation, solvents cleaning, reflux reactions and crystallization processes.

Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
Equipment for conducting solid samples characterization and monitoring by mean of images obtained with primary, secondary and backscattered electron. Includes ...

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
The scanning electron microscope is based on the interaction between an electron beam and the surface of a given solid material. The result is a high-resolution ...

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
Equipment for the characterization and observation of solid samples using images obtained with secondary and backscattered electrons (photography and Z-contrast). ...

Scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM)
Equipment for observation and characterization of materials using a unit for scanning and transmission through electron diffraction and microdiffraction, ...

Single beam spectrophotometer, with interferometric grid pattern, halogen light, and deuterium lamp. Equipped with single socket cell and 2 nm·Ra spectral ...

Equipment for measuring absorbed wavelength ratios in a working range of 200 nm to 1100 nm, with an accuracy of ± 1 nm in wavelength and 2 nm in spectral ...

Spectrophotometer, fluorimeter, luminometer
Equipment for performing fluorescence and/or luminescence spectrophotometric determinations. Suitable for biomarkers monitoring in aquatic and terrestrial ...

Sterilization autoclave
Equipment for culture media sterilization, also pipette tips or sand samples. 7l capacity, temperature working range between 121 and 127 °C, and pressure ...

Equipment with a 75-liter capacity and a 500 mm x 400 mm x 400 mm cavity for drying samples in a useful temperature range of 0 °C to 200 °C.

Equipment for evaluating the amplification of cellular structures such as DNA through temperature cycles (up to 97 °C). See the specifications in the ...

PCR (polymerase chain reaction) equipment for amplifying DNA, making mutations, etc.

Total organic carbon analyzer
An instrument for analyzing the organic matter present in a liquid sample (wastewater). The set-up includes an SSM-5000A module for trials with solid samples ...

Transmission electron microscope (TEM)
Equipment for solid polymer samples structure and morphology observation, characterization and study, by means of electron diffraction, in order to relate ...

Ultrasonic bath
A cleaning device for components that uses ultrasonic vibrations (25-40 kHz). It can also be used to break up macromolecular aggregates. It has a capacity ...

Ultraviolet and visible spectrometer (UV / VIS)
Equipment for the determination and, above all, the quantification of organic and inorganic compounds which absorb light in the ultraviolet or visible, ...

UV spectrophotometer
Equipment that is connected to a Peltier temperature controller and has a cold light illumination source. The wavelength range is between 190 nm and 900 ...

UV spectrophotometer
Equipment for analyzing organic and inorganic matter (phenols, chromium compounds, etc.) by means of ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometry, with a ...

UV Spectrophotometer
Double beam spectrophotometer with variable spectral bands (between 0.5 and 4 nm) and wavelengths between 190 nm and 1100 nm. It is fully automated and ...

UV spectrophotometer (Spectronic 20D)
Equipment that can measure the proportions of an absorbed wavelength in a working range between 340 nm and 950 nm, with an accuracy of 2.5 nm in wavelength ...

UV-VIS spectrophotometer
An instrument for measuring the light absorbed by samples at a specific wavelength. It is also used for scanning between two wavelengths ranging between ...

UV-VIS-IR spectrophotometer (Spectro 320)
Equipment for making fast and accurate spectral, radiometric, photometric and colorimetric, reflectance and transmittance measurements within a wide dynamic ...

UV-visible spectrophotometer
Double beam spectrophotometer with variable spectral bands (between 0.5 and 4 nm) and wavelengths absorbed in a working range between 190 and 1100 nm, ...

A coaxial cylinder viscosimeter for fluids with suspended particles. It can be used for determining the rheological parameters of concrete and mortar. ...

Water bath
Water bath, 10 liters volume, 350 mm x 210 mm x 140 mm size (length x width x height), temperature range between 0 and 100 ° C.

Web creation
Customed web pages creation . Sensor networks access via web.

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