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Paper and graphic technology

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Autoclave-rotary digester
Rotary autoclave device can be used as leaching-digester, with automatic control of temperature and pressure, up to 15 kg/cm 2 and 180 °C respectively. ...

Automatic viscometer
Specific automatic viscometer for determining viscosity limit value of pulp samples chemically bleached with cuprietilendiamina (CED), according to ISO ...

Bauer Mcnett fibers sorter
Equipment for fiber length classification of 3 stages, by length fraction sieve and size distribution characterization, according to UNE 57118.

Bekk digital smoothness meter
Equipment for determining paper and paperboard smoothness, by using Bekk method, according to ISO 5672.Air permeability measuring head included.

Bending strength
Equipment for paper samples bending strength determination and measures (folding endurance), according to ISO 5626.

Bendtsen permeability tester for paper
Equipment for determining and measuring paper and paperboard air permeability, according to ISO 5636-3, by using Bemdsten method. Smoothness/roughness ...

Brecht Holl fiber classifier
Equipment that allows, through a sieve, the classification of cellulose fiber length fractions and their characterization by size.

Britt jar
Industry standard equipment for physic-chemical characterization aspects and measurement effectiveness of retention, drainage, and pulp fines fraction ...

Bursting measurement
Equipment for paper and paperboard bursting strength determination, according to ISO 2758.

Canadian Standard Freeness - CSF
Canadian Standard Freeness Testers determine the rate of drainage of a dilute pulp suspension, also refining assessment according to ISO 5267-2, and express ...

Classifier fibers sieve
Screen and filters set for fibers separation and classification, rejections and kindling through a steps sequence of washing, screening and filtering.

Contact angle measure
Optical system device, with automatic dosing unit and software for contact angle measure (both static and dynamic) between liquids and solids. Also suitable ...

Equipment for indirect determining of surface light absorption by reflection, as cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). Specifically, form quality control ...

Digital micrometer
Equipment for paper and paperboardthickness determination, according to ISO 534, ISO 12625-3 (tissue) and EN 57103 (corrugated) for thickness ranges between ...

Disintegrator wet fiber
Equipment for wet fiber disintegration and individualization at low consistency, according to ISO 5263.

Dry grinder pulp
Equipment for paper pulp dry shredding, by means of a rotating blades and toothed ring system.

Easydye reactor
Set of small oscillating reactors equipment, up to 300 ml capacity each, that can perform different treatments simultaneously, under temperature control ...

Electrophoresis zeta (ζ) potentiometer
Equipment for zeta potential (ζ) assessment and measurement in water samples with colloidal materials by electrophoresis, for particle sizes between 5 ...ζ-potentiometer.html

Elmendorf tear tester
Automatic equipment for the determination of the tear resistance by the Elmendorf method of paper, board, foil, etc. All tests carry out under the standards ...

Environmental chamber
Environmental conditions reproduction device, temperature and humidity controlled, programmable and suitable for cycles within temperature range between ...

Falling rod viscometer
Equipment for determining greasy ink rheological characteristics, such as plastic viscosity (poise or Pa·s) and threshold stress (dynas/cm 2 or Pa)

Folding endurance test for paper
Equipment for the determination and measurement of the folding endurance of paper samples, according to UNE 57054 and ISO 5626.

Grinding mill
Cellulosic samples grinding mill for further studies and analysis.

Gurley permeability tester for paper
Equipment for determining and measuring paper and paperboard samples permeability, according to ISO 5636-5.

Inking cell
70 l capacity equipment for inking printed paper samples by selective flotation. Pulp and recovered paper testing of disintegration, at high and low consistency, ...

Inking cell
Equipment of 20 liters of capacity that allows for deinking printed paper samples by selective flotation.

Jar test
Equipment for process water and effluent characterization, by coagulation and/or flocculation.

Laboratory refiner
Equipment for cellulosic raw material shredding and refining, different configurations to obtain dissimilar features samples.

Meter fiber length
Equipment for image processing and fiber length measurements, according to ISO 16065-1 and 16065-2. Analyzer parameters and measures provided are fiber ...

Microtox toxicity analyzer
Toxicity analyzer for liquid samples (aqueous solutions) and solid samples (soil, sediment) by using bioluminescent bacteria (Vibrio fischeri)

Optical microscope
Equipment for transparent or translucent samples observation and characterization, by means of light transmission. Deltapix built-in image capture, observation ...

Ozone treatment plant
Automated plant for ozone treatment, comprising an ozone generator, flow meters, ozone analyzers and specific software for high and low consistency pulp ...

Particle charge detector
Particle charge detector device, for determining water ionic demand when colloids are present, using streaming current method, by means of reverse charging ...

PFI mill
Equipment for paper pulp refining, according to ISO 5264-2, as a preliminary step to characterize samples physical properties

PH meter and conductivity
Full equipped allowing measurements of pH and conductivity in aqueous solutions

Equipment that allows determining the distribution of the macroporosity and mesoporosity of a sample by capillary flow porometry (liquid expulsion technique) ...

Potential flow and ζ potential measurement
Equipment for streaming potential and zeta potential (ζ) identification and measurement in fibrous suspensions.ζ-potential-measurement.html

Print testbed
Equipment for ink/paper relationship testing in dynamic conditions with parameters variation as pressure, speed and ink depth. Characteristic tests for ...

Rapid Prototyping - Stereolithography
Equipment for 3D design model stereolithography development. This process induces rapid prototyping, by lamination, by using different photosensitive ...

Reactor pressure and temperature control
5 l capacity reactor, pressure and temperature control, high pressure oxygen and variable agitation working condition, specific for bleaching and biotreatment ...

Reflectance spectrophotometer
Equipment for evaluation of optical properties of samples of paper and other surfaces, for wavelengths between 400 nm to 700 nm. Enables the identification ...

Resonance stiffness measurement
Equipment for bending stiffness measurement and determination in paper samples, by using resonance method, according to ISO 5629.

Roadmap generator, Rapid-Köthen method
Equipment for roadmap generation, according to Rapid-Köthen method, to reproduce industrial conditions and parameters on a laboratory scale, and to perform ...

Rotary evaporator
Rotary evaporator equipment, that can be used for one step distillation, solvents cleaning, reflux reactions and crystallization processes.

Rotational viscometer
Equipment for fluids viscosity measurement and analysis(particularly sauces coated paper), as well as high viscosity and thixotropic time-dependent rheological ...

Schopper-Riegler drainage
Equipment for pulp sample drainability measurement and determination, as well as refining behavioral assessments, according to ISO 5627-1.

Scott Bond strength
Equipment for paper and paperboard samples resistance measurement and determination, in Z direction.

Solvent extraction equipment
Semiautomatic equipment for soluble materials extraction, by several solvents. Preferably used for extractives of pulp and wood determination, according ...

Static stiffness measurement (Taber)
Equipment for bending stiffness measurement and determination by Taber method, according to ISO 5682.

Sterilization autoclave
Equipment for culture media sterilization, also pipette tips or sand samples. 7l capacity, temperature working range between 121 and 127 °C, and pressure ...

Equipment for suntest and accelerated aging test, radiation intensities between 765 and 400 W/m 2 (UV max. for λ <800 nm), controlled at constant ...

Universal testing machine
Electromechanical equipment for tension, compression and wear resistance testing, software control and data acquisition included. 10 N and 500 N cell load ...

UV-visible spectrophotometer
Double beam spectrophotometer with variable spectral bands (between 0.5 and 4 nm) and wavelengths absorbed in a working range between 190 and 1100 nm, ...

UV-visible spectrophotometer
Quantitative electromagnetic radiation absorbing in solution samples equipment, for wavelengths between 200 and 1100 nm. Suitable for paper mills characterization ...

Valley pile
Equipment for pulp refining, according to ISO 5264-1, as a preliminary step to physical properties characterization.

Water retention test, WRV
Equipment for pulps water value determining (WRV) in pulps, according to standard 23714.

Zero-span tensile test
Electromechanical zero-span tensile test equipment, for dry or wet paper samples, according to ISO 15361.

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