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Textile technology

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A device for determining the susceptibility of fabrics to pilling and contact abrasion resistance.

Abrasion tester
Equipment for measuring the degree of abrasion of fabric or paper surfaces

Air permeability meter
Equipment for determining the air permeability of fabrics used for industrial and technical clothing.

Atmospheric plasma
Equipment for changing the composition of gases by injection equipment for surface treatment and functional polymer surfaces and fiber (up to 6 nm thick).

Burning Tester
Equipment for determining the bursting strength of a fabric by applying multiaxial pressure increased through a membrane, under UNE-EN ISO 13938.

Centrifuge washer
Equipment for determining tissue shrinkage due to washing and the degradation of the colors of dyed fabric samples. It also determines how many washes ...

Color spectrophotometer
Equipment for measuring surface color by determining chromatic coordinates. It also identifies differences in color and degree of whiteness. It has its ...

Continuous dyeing of fabrics
Equipment used for impregnating dyes on continuous fabric and measuring color fixation. The dye is developed during the process of washing and drying the ...

Cross-reel fabric dyeing
Equipment for cross-reel eco-dyeing. The dye bath can be recovered for reuse (up to 25 times). The dye system can be inverted (from inside to outside and ...

Density gradients column
Equipment for determining the density of polymers.

Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC)
A device for determining the degree of crystallinity and the conditions of thermal transition of polymeric materials using the differential scanning calorimetry ...

Digital drapemeter
Equipment to measure fabric, leathers and flexible sheet drape. This is a standard model that measures the surface cusickmeter shadow drape of a circular ...

Fluorescence spectrophotometer/Fluorimeter
Equipment for the analysis, identification and quantification of chemical substances with molecules that may present fluorescence by means of the fluorescence ...

Gel permeation chromatograph (GPC)
Equipment used to separate the components of a polymer blend by components and by the distribution of molecular weights in both absolute and relative measures.

Angle measurement device, for determining the contact angle of liquid in surfaces.

Infrared spectrophotometer (FTIR)
Equipment used for identifying functional groups of organic materials, paints and certain structures of solid and liquid samples, by means of Fourier transform ...

Infrared spectrophotometer (FTIR)
Equipment used for determining functional groups in polymer materials and tissues using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometry.

Lightfastness testing
Equipment for testing color quality and lightfastness by controlling color degradation under xenon light with a temperature of up to 45 °C and up to 65% ...

Maturity tester
determining maturity of and refinement, measurements .

Microscope with polarizer
Equipment for determining the birefringence of polymer materials through polarized light observation. Adapted with a Polaroid camera backing for achieving ...

Optical microscope
the observation, study solid samples , , magnification. camera for further analysis. of textile products.

Rotational Digital Viscometer
Viscometer with 7 spindles allow a range from 100 to 8M mPa·s. The equipment has a temperature control. Equipment for the measurement, according ...

Stereo microscope
Optical microscopy equipment for observation and reflection in 3-D samples. It has a digital camera to capture Deltapix 300 micrographs and perform image ...

Tensile tester
Tensile testing machine for determining the tensile tests on textile materials. Data acquisition is digitized. Two load cells 10N and 5 KN, serrated jaws ...

UV transmittance analyzer
A device for determining the UV transmittance of fabrics, creams and containers, as well as the in-vitro UV protection factor of fabrics and the sun protection ...

Water permeability meter
Equipment used for determining water permeability in fabrics under hydrostatic pressure and identifying the maximum level of water pressure that a fabric ...

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