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What people are saying


“Very good programme. Happy to be a part of it. Please do keep up this good work. It made us all feel very welcome.” Adithya

“I think this organization was so good for us. We met lots of people and we can teach lots of things about Barcelona and Spain. Thanks for all.” Metin

"It was really nice to have someone who can answer all the questions you can have! And keep doing events, it's a good way to get to know your buddy and other students!” Fanny G.

“Great program for group activities. Things have gone well overall! And because we are Erasmus students we can benefit from a lot of advice and mentoring from the community (which I found to be very useful here)!" Emil R.

“Fernando has been great! He welcomed me on my first days, made me meet people and explained how the school was working. We've been hanging out pretty regularly.The Salsa'm buddy program is a great initiative!” Jean-Luc T.

“We met quite regulary and became good friends during my stay here. She was always very keen to help me with everything and to show me the local culture. Couldn't imagine having a better buddy!” Manuel K.

“My buddy is very nice and warm hearted! Whenever I have problems, he always helped me with them. He told me a lot about our school and the life here. It's nice to meet him!” Zhang F.

"I think the most important thing is that we developed a wonderful relationship and that he helped me the most to integrate here and meet a lot of new people. He even took me with him in every team for projects, laboratories! I'm very happy that you have this programme." Ioana G.

“My buddy not only helped me get into the university life, but he also helps me a lot with the subjects I have here in UPC. It is a pleasure to know him. Give that man a cookie!” Stoyan Y.

"Now that I'm close to the end of my Erasmus experience I can say that, thanks to this project, I met a buddy but first of all a great friend!" Ana Karoline de M.