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Beijing Institute of Technology

15th of December 2010

  • Wang, Ying
Associate Director of International Affairs
  • Li, Jian

Dean, School of Social Sciences and Humanities


  • Yang, Haibing

Dean, School of Art and Design


  • Ding, Gangyi

Dean, School of Software Engineering


  • Zhang, Ji

Dean, School of Information Science and Technology

Universitatea Tehnică "Gheorghe Asachi" Iasi and University of Constanta

1st of December 2010

  • Professor Carmen Teodosiu
Vice-Rector for Research
  • Professor Virgil Breaban

Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Constanta

  • Professor Nicolae Taranu

Dean of the Faculty and Director of the Doctoral School for Civil Engineering


  • Dr. Irina Lungu

Assoc.Prof. of Civil Engineering, Vice-Dean for Research