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Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep (UTK) in Bangkok

April 6th, 2017     





  • Mrs. Arporn Bangcharoenpornpong, Vicepresident

  • 17 representatives from Business Administration Faculty



Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

April 21st, 2017     





  • Mr. Andréi Rudskoi, Dean

  • Dmitri Arseniev, International Cooperation Vicedean

  • Dmitri Kuznetsov,     Public relations Vicedean, press secretary

  • Vladislav Zhivulin, Head of Dean's Bureau
  • Guennadi Popov, President of the Culture and Education Foundation of Saint Petersburg



Palace Museum of Beijing

April 24th, 2017     





  • SONG Jirong, Deputy Director of the Palace Museum

  • SHI Ningchang , Director of the Conservation Department
  • SONG Lingping, Director of the Research Administration Department
  • LYU Chenglong, Director of the Objects and Decorative Arts
  • FENG Hui, Director of Cultural Products and Services Center
  • LIU Yufeng Assistant Researcher of the Foreign Affairs Department