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Kangwon National University Korea

14th of February 2017

Corea del Sud

  • Kim Jeong Hyu,  Manager of general affairs

  • Park Young Rok , Coordinator of student affirs

  • Lee Seong Cheol , Facility management officer

  • Jeong Yeon Hee , General Manager of Library

Ningbo Education Bureau

February 17th, 2017



  • Mr. Shen Jianguang Director General NEB
  • Mr. Wang Xufeng Deputy President of Zhejiang Fashion Institutue of Technology
  • Ms. Li Li Chief Divison of Human Resources, NEB
  • Mr. Ye Huiliang Deputy Principal No.2 High School
  • Ms. Huang Huan Princpial, Ningbo Foreign Affairs School
  • Mr. Jiang Wei Assistant Chief, International Office of Ningbo Foreing Affairs School&Translator