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Enrolment fees


UPC is a public university. Enrolment fees are established accordind to an official decree of prices, set by the government of Catalonia region.

For EU students and permanent resident students, the price of the studies is a subsidised price. Fees for international non-EU students (who are not permanent residents and are not EU nationals or covered by the European community regime) may reach 100% of the real cost of the studies, without prejudice to the principle of reciprocity.

In general, for Bachelor and Master studies, the price of your enrolment will depend of the programme that you follow and, specially, of the number of credits that you register in your enrolment. If you are a non-EU student, the general and subsidised price will be increased by 50%. And if you had to register some credits for a second or third time (in case of failing a subject), when you re-enrolled these credits, the fee would be increased.

For your reference, the average cost of one academic year of the studies is shown in the promotional web page of each UPC programme.

For further details about enrolment fees, please read:

- Bachelor programs:

- Master programs:

-For Doctorate programs, students usually make their enrolment once a year. While they are doing their thesis they enrol for the thesis supervision and they pay approx. 600euros (approx. 900euros if they are non-EU students). For further details about PhD fees, please read: