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COVID-19: Announcement about appointments for legal procedures

Announcement about appointments for legal procedures, of students and their relatives, during the Covid-19 health alert

As indicated on the website to apply for appointments for the Home Office and Police Offices, due to the Covid health emergency19, the following services have been temporarily canceled:

1) The online appointment request system, for the different foreigners legal procedures; such as the "appointment to go to the Police office to put the fingerprint", or "authorization of return", or "EU registration certificate".

2) The already existing appointments for the next dates (in which we will still have the coronavirus alert and confinement) have also been canceled.

In the Police Office of Barcelona, at Rambla Guipúzcoa, 74, they will only receive people for two very urgent and exceptional cases as indicated below; no other situation is possible:

a) For those people that have lost or have been stolen their TIE card, as in this case they could not prove their legalitly in Spain, and

b) For the possible authorizations of return of those people that have the TIE card expired and in renewal, and with a travel ticket in one of these weeks of alert.

Individuals in any of these two cases (a or b) have to address themselves directly to the Police Office of Rambla Guipúzcoa, with all the necessary documents to either obtain a duplicate of their TIE card, or with the documents to obtain the authorization of return.

The legal authorities indicate us that nobody will be penalised?? perjudicado due to this situation, as in Spain:

- The periods to present documents for different procedures are put on hold, being "frozen", during this time,

- And the TIE cards that could expire in these weeks will be considered as still valid.

Consequently, do not worry if you cannot go to some appointment, or if your TIE card is going to expire in these days, or if you had to send documents to answer to a "requerimiento" (official request of documents, in the TIE renewal procedure). All is in “pause”.

These days are to stay at home and protect yourselves from the virus. Once the emergency is over, the procedures will start again without taking into account this period. People that had some appointment to which they could not go, they will be contacted individually and they will be offered some alternative appointment.

From UPC, we will be informed about any news or notice for these legal issues and we will update the information as much as we can in this website (

If you have any question or doubt, you can contact us at : .

Our best wishes for these difficult days.
We remain at your disposal. Kind regards,


International Students Office (OMI) - UPC