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Terrassa team, first ranked among the universities invited to VisionHack

The team formed by ESEIAAT students Carles Fernández, Boyan Naydenov, Sebastià Ramon, Pep Rodeja and Cristina Uroz, who recently participated in the international VisionHack competition held in Moscow, has been ranked in tenth position in the general classification, behind 9 Russian teams, and first of the invited universities, like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge University or Beijing University.

Estudiants de l'ESEIAAT a Moscú per participar al VisionHack

Students from ESEIAAT in Moscow to participate in VisionHack | UPC


The team at the UPC campus in Terrassa, which represented Catalonia in this event, has done a great job during the two days of the VisionHack international competition. They had to solve how to detect the maximum situations in which there is an autonomous vehicle, such as pedestrian crossings, tunnels, bridges, entrances and exits of cities, traffic lights, etc. previously recorded on video. Participants should use image processing techniques with the help of computerized libraries such as OpenCV to guarantee driving safety.

The proposal of the UPC team in Terrassa consisted of filtering each frame of the video to detect and discriminate each one of the driving situations, and to be able to apply differentiated treatments to each image, depending on the specific characteristics of each situation.

Carles Fernández, Boyan Naydenov, Sebastià Ramon, Pep Rodeja and Cristina Uroz study different degrees of engineering: the aerospace, robotic, industrial, industrial and audiovisual engineering at the Superior School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa (ESEIAAT), forming a multidisciplinary team that has resolved with ingenuity the technological challenge proposed by the organizers of the competition. The VisonHack International competition has been organized by the MISiS National University of Science and Technology in Moscow, and sponsored by companies such as Jaguar, LandRover, Uber, Nvidia and the Skolkovo R & D center (considered the Russian Silicon Valley ), others.

Els estudiants de Terrassa en plena feina