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European Seminar Invitation: Mechatronics '4.0' in Engineering Education

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the International Seminar on Mechatronics ‘4.0’ in Engineering Education on June 20-21 at the Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen.

Internet of Things, Digitalisation, Industry 4.0, Cyber Physical Systems and Mechatronics all refer to a megatrend that has change the ways companies develop products, operate systems and offer services. These terms resonate within a broad spectrum – from the political organisations, branch organisations and the industry, in addition to start-up incubators, universities, research institutions and community colleges.
This international seminar aims to discuss how can we educate engineers with interdisciplinary skill sets; who are ready to tackle the difficult tasks of conceptualising, designing, implementing and operating Mechatronics-4.0 solutions. In particular, the seminar aims to bring together industrialists, educators, enablers, decision makers and a broad range of participants from academia and industry to discuss:

  • Opportunities within the emerging fields of Internet of Things, Digitalisation, Cyber Physical Systems and Mechatronics
  • Trends in the industry and their needs from newly educated engineers
  • Challenges of the universities to implement these topics in the educational programs
  • Current best practices for teaching Mechatronics 4.0 from leading universities and organisations

To view the detailed agenda and for registration, please visit:

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact  my colleague Josie Rahaman at

We look forward to seeing you, in Copenhagen next month.