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New program for attracting teaching staff and foreign university managers to Kazakh universities

As a continuation of the cooperation that the SEPIE has been developing with the Bolashak Center (CIP) of Kazakhstan, after a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Madrid between the two institutions last April, we are now sending you information that the CIP has sent us with a new program for attracting teaching staff and foreign university managers to Kazakh universities.


The program will be divided into four directions:


1. Assistance to English teachers


1. A Functions:


- Assist Kazakhstani English teachers during classes


- Conduct discussion sessions, chat clubs and other extracurricular activities with students


1. B Requirements for those who wish to participate:


- Be able to speak native English


-  Third or fourth year of a university degree or be a graduate of the university


- TEFL / TESOL certificates will be considered as a plus


1. C Duration:


- Up to one academic year


1. D What the institutions of Kazakhstan provide for the participants:

      - Accommodation with a local family, hotel or dorm


- Three meals a day


2. TEFL methodologies


2. A Functions:

- Train Kazakh language teachers under the new TEFL method and techniques, which include academic writing, English for specific reasons, critical thinking, etc.


- Consulting and assistance in the development of academic programs


2. B Requirements for those who wish to participate:


- High education in pedagogy or philology


- Have at least three years of experience as an English teacher or methodologist


- Have at least five years of professional experience


2. C Duration:


- One academic semester


2. D What the Kazakh institutions provide for the participants:

- Accommodation in hotel or bedroom


- Three meals a day


3  Readings for Guests


3. A Priority fields:

- IT, development of startup projects

- Innovative pedagogy, skills development


- Development of entrepreneurial skills, project management


- Academic writing, methodology to teach English


- Medicine


3. B Functions:


- Drive readings in priority fields

- Training in university faculties for the development of programs of world academic levels

- Teach students critical thinking methods, methodology for directing scientific projects and academic writing


3. C Requirements for those who wish to participate:


- MBA or Doctorate


- At least five years of experience in teaching and at least ten years of professional experience


- Publications in scientific and professional journals with impact factor in the last three years


3. D Duration of the program:


- Up to four weeks in a university with the opportunity to extend the teaching program to other universities


3. E The Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan covers:


- Round trip up to 1000 dollars


- Monthly salary of up to 3000 dollars (includes taxes)


- Accommodation up to 400,000 tenge (approximately 1200 dollars)


4. Top managers of the university:


4. A Functions:

- Work as top manager of the University of Kazakhstan (Rector or Vice Chancellor)


- Introduce strategic changes aiming at improvements in university activities and include universities in the recognized international ranking. (QS WUR, THE, ARWU)


- Develop the parameters of the Bologna Process


4. B Requirements for those who wish to participate:


- MSc, MBA, MA or PhD


- At least five years of experience as a top manager of a foreign university and at least ten years of work experience


4. C Duration:


- Ten months (February 1, 2019 - November 30, 2019)


4. D The Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan covers:


- Round trip of up to 1500 dollars


- Monthly salary of up to 4000 dollars (includes taxes)


- Accommodation of up to 903 dollars per month


Application process:


1. Send applications to applications @


2. Review of the application by the selection group


3. Sending successful applications to schools and universities


4. Approval of applications by schools and universities


5. Sending requests by schools and universities to the center for international programs


6. Invitation of the selected professional



Required documentation


- Curriculum Vitae (1)


- Motivation letter (2)


- Reference letter of the last place of study or work


- Copy of the passport in color


- Passport photo


- Copies of diplomas / certificates / degrees


- Proof of work experience


1. The CV / CV must include the following information: title, first name, last name, sex, date of birth (dd / mm / yyyy),

country of birth, citizenship, mobile phone number, email, education, qualifications, work experience, publications, awards

and other relevant information.



2. The motivation letter is an important part of the application process and should include the following:

 - Personal information. Describe your academic, professional and personal backgrounds and explain how they make you a good candidate for the program. If applicable, include information about the projects you have implemented, your results, your teaching, your volunteering and your intercultural experience.

 - Additional Information. Include any additional information or details about you that are relevant when considering your application to the program. If you have specific projects / ideas to implement or have a preference about the type of university / school where you would like to work, please mention in your motivation letter as well.




In case you need assistance to apply or if there are doubts regarding the program please contact by:









+7 (7172) 769104

+7 (7172) 769044