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Vaccination of UPC international students that are already in Catalonia

Are you an international student enrolled in UPC?

Even if you do not have a CatSalut card, you can now apply for the COVID-19 vaccination in Catalonia. 

In order to do this, you will need:

1- Your passport and/or TIE card and/or "TSE" (European Health Card).

2- In addition, if you have it, your document of "empadronamiento" (the census register) that confirms that you are living in Catalonia.


a- Access the web page:|en)

and check which is th nearest "CAP" (Primary Assistance Centre of the Spanish National Public Health; the place where we go if we have CatSalut card and we have something minor, like a flu, to see the general doctor, instead of going to the hospital).


b- Then please go to that specific CAP corresponding to your address.

Please indicate that you do not have a CatSalut card, but you are a full resident in Catalonia and that you want to book an appointment. They will give you information and instructions.

You can say something like:

"Buenos días / buenas tardes,

Por favor, quiero pedir cita para la vacunación COVID.

Soy de ...(indicate country of nationality: Iran, China, Mexico, etc. etc.) ..., estudio en la universidad (UPC) y soy residente en ...(indicate city: Barcelona, Hospitalet, Terrassa...). Vivo aquí cerca.

No tengo tarjeta CatSalut, pero tengo mi pasaporte y mi documento de empadronamiento (indicate also "y mi tarjeta TIE" if you have it).

Como no tengo tarjeta CatSalut, no puedo tomar cita por la web. Pero en el cero sesenta y uno (Salut Respon) me han indicado que contacte con este CAP, que es el que me corresponde por mi dirección, para que pida cita y vacunarme del COVID. Gracias.

¿Cuándo podría darme cita, por favor?..." 


We remain at your disposal.