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Authorization of stay for students. Mobility inside the European Union

Procedure that allows the students that, during last semester, had been studying in another European Union country, to ask for the Spanish student permit once in Spain.

If you are a student who must come to the UPC with an Erasmus or Erasmus Mundus exchange from your European university, you cannot do the procedure yourself, but we must process it from this UPC Mobility Office. If this is your case, please contact this International Mobilitat Office by writing to: . We will help you with this procedure and it will be simple; but keep in mind that, for the duration of your stay in Spain, your permit / card of stay for studies from the other country of the European Union from where you come must be valid (that permit cannot expire during your stay in Spain). Otherwise, you will not be able to obtain a residence permit for studies in Spain.

If your nationality is from outside the European Union and, during the semester immediately preceding the current one, you have been studying in another country of the European Union, and you are now going to start full studies (master's or doctorate) at the UPC, you could request a study permit during the first month of your stay in Spain.

+In this file, you will find the process of the procedure described in detail (we are trying to update this information that recently changed; if this was your situation, please contact the International Students Office: .

+And here will you find the application form to fill it in (updating it, please contact us).

Keep in mind that this procedure is usually extremely long, because when the entire process described in the attached file is finished, an internal procedure is carried out between the Spanish authorities and those of the country of the European Union in which you have been living before arriving to Spain. Until this internal process ends, the permit is not granted. The duration of this procedure is between a couple of weeks and several months (it is not possible to know for sure how long it will take).

So we strongly recommend that you enter Spain with a Spanish student visa, obtained in your origin country, or in the Consulate of Spain of the European Union country where you have been living before coming to Spain.