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First card for relatives of non-EU students

The relatives of non-EU students must arrive in Spain with a Spanish visa of relative of a student.

The procedure of obtaining the first "TIE" card for the relatives of a student has two parts:

- The first one consists on recording the data of the relative/s of the student;
- The second part is the application of the "TIE" card for the relative/s of a student.


  • Detailed information about the whole procedure:

- General information about the whole procedure (for both parts, the first and the second)

  • Documents needed for the first part of the procedure:

- Application EX-00
- How to fill in the application EX-00
Remember that you have to take these documents to a dependance of the Spanish Government in Barcelona located in: Calle Murcia, 42, 08027 Barcelona.

  • Documents needed for the second part of the procedure:

- How to obtain an appointment
- Application EX-17
- How to fill in the application EX-17
- Map of the place to perform the second part of the procedure (only for appointments in the city of Barcelona)