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1-(Optional) Get your electronic certificate

You can decide to deliver your documents for the TIE renewal application:

- online in the corresponding intranet, only with your electronic certificate;
- or in paper, at the corresponding offices of the legal authorities.

Once you select one type of procedure, this cannot be changed. (Either I do all the procedure online, or all in paper.)


Please find below the advantages and inconvenients of doing the procedure electronically.


Inconvenients (disadvantages)


Online procedure


For the moment, the platform is only in Spanish language.
(There is no English version.)

I can do the procedure from anywhere; through my computer or laptop, with my electronic certificate.

There is no need to visit offices in order to deliver the necessary documents.

Also, even if I travel (i.e. in summer or Easter holiday), I can submit my application or the missing/additional documents that could be requested.

The platform is not user friendly.

(Even for people whose mother tongue is Spanish, it is not easy to understand how it works, which buttons I have to click in each screen, etc.)

Though if you come to OMI office, we can assess you about how to proceed.

I can do the procedure at any hour of the day; I am not limited by the office hours, like when I have to submit the documents in paper.

The platform does not work very well.
(Sometimes out, or need to log in many times before getting where you want.)

The procedure goes much more quickly if I do it online than if I do it in paper (delivering my documents in person at the corresponding office of legal authorities).

At present, this is the major advantage of the electronic procedure; and this will be the factor that will make you decide to use this option.


How to get your electronic certificate?

You will have to apply for it, then after go to one of the offices where to get it, and finally install it in your computer or laptop.
Please read this PDF document in order to know how to obtain your digital certificate and submit your documents electronically, if you want.