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Authorization of stay for students. Mobility inside the European Union

Procedure that allows the students that, during last semester, had been studying in another European Union country, to ask for the Spanish students permit once in Spain.

If your nationality is of a country that does not belong to the European Union and, during the semester previous to the current one, had you been studying in another country from the European Union, you can ask for the Spanish stay for students permit during the first month of your stay in Spain. You will find here the process explained in detail.

And here will you find the application form to fill it in.

Please take into account that this procedure uses to be extremely long. When the process that is explained above ends, an inner procedure between the Spanish authorities and the authorities of the country of the European Union where you had been living just before begins. The permit as a student in Spain is not conceeded until this new process ends. And it can take between two weeks and several months (and it is not possible to know more exactly how long will it take).

So we strongly recommend that you enter Spain with a Spanish student visa, obtained in your origin country or in the Consulate of Spain of the country of the European Union where you had been living before coming to Spain.