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Before coming to UPC-BARCELONATECH you have to apply for admission. This process is different depending on the type of study you wish to undertake and stay you wish to have. In any case, please take into account that most of the applications for admission are answered between March and May, with classes to start in September of the following year. You should first find out which is the program in which you are interested. And which are its requirements and deadlines of application, as you will need to prepare in advance the required documents.

- If you want to come for an EXCHANGE period, please contact the Vice-dean for International Relations of the corresponding school/faculty at UPC-BARCELONATECH. His/her contact details are available here.  For example, if you are an Erasmus student.

- If you want to come to UPC-BARCELONATECH on a master's, doctorate or postgraduate program, please contact with the coordinator of the program to which you want to be admitted. Each program has its own and specific admission requirements (studies and marks, language level/s, deadline/s, etc.). In each web page of the postgraduate programs, you will find the contact details of the coordinator of the program, in order to contact him/her to ask him/her all your questions and send your application for admission.

- If you want to come to UPC for your undergraduate/graduate studies, please check your entrance way, depending on your level of studies and origin, at: (Information only available in Catalan and Spanish)