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Erasmus exchange programme of the European Union

Erasmus is the name of the European Union's educational cooperation programme for universities in the European Union.

Its best-known activities concern student mobility. This is a form of cooperation between universities that creates optimal conditions for STUDENTS TO CARRY OUT RECOGNIZED STUDY PERIODS AT ASSOCIATE CENTRES IN OTHER PARTICIPANT COUNTRIES. The purpose is to widen students' knowledge of different cultures and fields of study, as well as to provide them with an alternative perspective on their education.

Students must fulfill the conditions and take into account the observations detailed below.

  • They must be citizens of one of the programme's member countries.

  • They must have completed their first year of study and be enrolled in a recognized higher education programme.

  • The period of study abroad must be for between three months and one year, making up part of the syllabus of the centre of origin and receiving full academic recognition.

  • Students shall enrol at their university of origin for the academic year of their departure and will, therefore, not have to pay tuition fees at the host centre.

  • Socrates grants are compatible with all other grants.

  • Associate Erasmus students do not receive any financial assistance, but benefit from the other programme conditions.

  • FINALLY, IT MUST BE STRESSED THAT THE ASSISTANCE PROVIDED BY THE EUROPEAN UNION SOCRATES PROGRAMME ARE NOT GRANTS, BUT ARE INTENDED TO COVER ADDITIONAL EXPENSES THAT ARISE FROM A PERIOD OF STUDY IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY (although it includes the benefits and reduced costs associated with belonging to the university community: halls of residence, cafeterias, public transport discounts, etc.).

Information and applications:

Students interested in carrying out an Erasmus stay at a foreign university should contact the International Relations Office at their university of origin.