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Admission routes

International students can come to UPC-BARCELONATECH to:
  • Carry out an exchange at UPC-BARCELONATECH, for one or two semesters (e.g. through an exchange programme such as Erasmus, UNITECH, CINDA, etc.)
    At your home university, check which UPC-BARCELONATECH school or faculty you could come to, what the selection process is and the criteria and deadlines for applying to an exchange programme. If your university chooses you to come to UPC-BARCELONATECH, then you will have to send us your personal details and a list of the subjects you wish to study during your stay (learning agreement). You will have to contact the vice-dean for International Relations at the UPC-BARCELONATECH school where you wish to study.
  • Follow a full programme at UPC and obtain the corresponding degree (undergraduate, postgraduate, official master's degree, doctorate, continuing education). Because there are many programmes, we strongly recommend you check the details of the programme that you wish to study ( On the webpages for the postgraduate programmes, you will find the contact details of the programme coordinators, whom you will have to contact to clarify any doubts you might have and to submit your application for admission.

There are different ways of accessing undergraduate courses, depending on your level and the education system of origin. For further information, see: