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Reception Office

The Reception Office provide information and practical guidance for foreign students.


On arriving at UPC-BARCELONATECH, foreign students should first go to the Reception Office "OMI". 

There, you will be informed about the registration process, language courses, medical insurance and all the other services provided by the university. You will also be given directions to the school in which you are to study. And you will receive the important about the compulsory legal procedures to make in the first days after your arrival.

"OMI" Reception Office

 Oficina de Mobilitat Internacional d'Estudiants (OMI)

Barcelona International Students Office (ISO)

c. Jordi Girona, 1-3 Building C-3, Telecos Square
Campus Nord
08034 Barcelona
Tel:+34 93 401 69 37

For all students (all UPC campuses).