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In this web page you will find some additional details about the requirements for potential candidates.

Please check with the Vice-dean for International Relations of your UPC school/faculty if you would be eligible or not for the UNITECH programme.



Students from any degree of EETAC (bachelor or master) can apply to the UNITECH programme.

- for Bachelor students ("grado"): students have to apply in their 3rd year, to go on exchange during their 4th year.
- for Master students, they have to apply in their 1st year to go on exchange during their 2nd year.
In case of being selected, before leaving for the UNITECH exchange the student has to have completed all the compulsory subjects (it is, in Catalan: haver completat totes les assignatures obligatòries abans de marxar d'intercanvi).


Only students from the following programmes of EEBE can apply to UNITECH:

-Grau en Enginyeria Biomèdica
-Grau en Enginyeria de l'Energia
-Grau en Enginyeria Elèctrica
-Grau en Enginyeria Electrònica Industrial i Automàtica
-Grau en Enginyeria de Materials
-Grau en Enginyeria Mecànica
-Grau en Enginyeria Química
-Màster universitari en Ciència i Enginyeria de Materials
-Màster universitari en Enginyeria Química


Only ESAB students: de 4art de Sistemes Biològics.


Only students enrolled in the programme :  Màster Universitari en Gestió de l'Edificació.
(In addition: Please note that in order to receive their UPC degree, students have to make 60% of the credits of the Master here in UPC as a home university.)


Only students of FIB from the following programme can apply to UNITECH: Grau en Enginyeria de Sistemes TIC.
Requirement: to have 120 credits approved when you apply to UNITECH.


Only students enrolled in the following programme : Màster en Enginyeria de Camins, Canals i Ports.
Requirement: 1 year of the Master already done before starting the exchange. (It is : 1 curs de màster superat abans de marxar).


Only students enrolled in the programmes: "Màster Universitari en Enginyeria Industrial" and "Màster Universitari en Enginyeria Aeronàutica".


Only students enrolled in one of the following programmes :

- Màster universitari en Enginyeria Industrial. (Los estudiantes de todas las especialidades del máster en ingeniería industrial son eligibles para el programa UNITECH; sin embargo, todos los estudiantes que hacen dicho programa recibirán la especialidad "Organització Industrial".) 
- Màster universitari en Enginyeria d'Organització.
- Màster universitari en Cadena de Subministrament, Transport i Mobilitat (Especialitat: Supply Chain).


More information soon. Please check with ETSETB-International Relations (building B3).


Only students enrolled in one of the following programmes :

GEI - Grau en Enginyeria Informàtica
MEI - Master en Enginyeria Informàtica
MAI - Master in Artificial Intelligence
MIRI - Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics
General requirement: to comply with the FIB regulations for international mobility, in addition to the requirements of the UNITECH programme.