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In this web page you will find some additional details about the requirements for potential candidates.

Please check with the Vice-dean for International Relations of your UPC school/faculty if you would be eligible or not for the UNITECH programme.


Students from any degree of EETAC (bachelor or master) can apply to the UNITECH programme.

- To have half of the total credits approved when you apply to UNITECH.
- You must have completed all the compulsory subjects before leaving.


Only students from the following programmes of EEBE can apply to UNITECH:

-Grau en Enginyeria Biomèdica
-Grau en Enginyeria de l'Energia
-Grau en Enginyeria Elèctrica
-Grau en Enginyeria Electrònica Industrial i Automàtica
-Grau en Enginyeria de Materials
-Grau en Enginyeria Mecànica
-Grau en Enginyeria Química
-Màster universitari en Ciència i Enginyeria Avançada de Materials
-Master's degree in Chemical Engineering- Smart Chemical factories
-Master's degree of Interdisciplinary and Innovative Engineering


Only ESAB students: de 4art de Sistemes Biològics.


Only students enrolled in the programme :  Màster Universitari en Gestió de l'Edificació.
(In addition: Please note that in order to receive their UPC degree, students have to make 60% of the credits of the Master here in UPC as a home university.)


Only students enrolled in the following programme : Màster en Enginyeria de Camins, Canals i Ports.
Requirement: 1 year of the Master already done before starting the exchange. (It is : 1 curs de màster superat abans de marxar).


Only students enrolled in the programmes: "Màster Universitari en Enginyeria Industrial" and "Màster Universitari en Enginyeria Aeronàutica".


Only students enrolled in one of the following programmes :

- Màster universitari en Enginyeria Industrial. (Los estudiantes de todas las especialidades del máster en ingeniería industrial son eligibles para el programa UNITECH; sin embargo, todos los estudiantes que hacen dicho programa recibirán la especialidad "Organització Industrial".) 
- Màster universitari en Enginyeria d'Organització.
- Màster universitari en Cadena de Subministrament, Transport i Mobilitat (Especialitat: Supply Chain).


Students enrolled in one of the following programmes may participate:

-        Grau en Enginyeria Física
-        Grau en Ciència i Enginyeria de Dades
-        Master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering (MET)
-        Master's degree in Electronic Engineering (MEE)”

Please check with ETSETB-International Relations (building B3) for further details.


Only students enrolled in one of the following programmes :

GEI - Grau en Enginyeria Informàtica
GCED - Grau en Enginyeria de dades
MDS - Master in Data Science
MEI - Master en Enginyeria Informàtica
MAI - Master in Artificial Intelligence
MIRI - Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics
General requirement: to comply with the FIB regulations for international mobility, in addition to the requirements of the UNITECH programme.