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URGENTE: comunicado de la UPC, sobre la alerta por coronavirus

Suspensión de actividades académicas presenciales durante al menos dos semanas. Más información puntualmente a través de la web UPC:


The Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya-BarcelonaTech thorough its executive committee, concerned by the present situation regarding the spread of the coronavirus, informs that is closely monitoring the information provided by the authorities and following their recommendations. Moreover, it is also in close contact with the deans of the diverse Schools and heads of Department of the UPC to assure implementation of the necessary measures to preserve the good health of the members of the community.
As today, the Rector of the UPC, following the recommendations of the Regional Government of Catalonia has decided to suspend all face-to-face teaching-learning activities for a period of two weeks with the request that the appropriate means are put forward to ensure the continuation of these activities on-line. In this direction, deans of the diverse Schools are instructed to contribute to dump as much as possible any inconvenience that this decision may have produced.
Tomorrow, detailed information will be pulished in the UPC website ( ).


Juan Jesús Pérez
Vice-Rector for International Policy