International Campus of Excellence

Driven by Excellence

The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya • BarcelonaTech (UPC) is Campus of International Excellence (CEI) since, in the first round of the Ministry of Education in 2009, earned recognition for the project Barcelona Knowledge Campus (BKC) presented in conjunction with the University of Barcelona.

In the 2010 call, the University consolidated its position as Campus of International Excellence with Energy Campus project. Two campuses of knowledge that promote employability, social cohesion and regional economic development. Interacting with research centers, science and technology parks, businesses and other stakeholders, UPC wants to become a nucleus for attracting talent: students, researchers and scientific facilities.

On February 19 took place in the auditorium of the North Campus the act of recognition of International Campus of Excellence Barcelona Knowledge Campus (BKC).


Energy Campus

Energy for excellence

UPC campus is a reference in the transformation of the energy sector. A campus with local impact and international recognition, where people, knowledge, innovation and education drive sustainable economy from the transformation of the energy sector.

More information about Energy Campus obriu en una finestra nova

Barcelona Knowledge Campus (BKC)

Consolidation of excellence

BKC is now the main driver of scientific, social and territorial business environment where it is located, and a magnet for international talent. Two benchmark universities that collaborate strategically transform their environment from innovation and sustainable development.

More information about Barcelona Knowledge Campus obriu en una finestra nova


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