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University Library (SBPA)

Director Dídac Martínez Trujillo
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Location UPCmaps
Phone 93 401 58 28
E-mail info.biblioteques@(upc.edu)
Website http://bibliotecnica.upc.edu/
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UPC's ample network of libraries has over 2,700 reading carrels and an automated catalogue, containing upwards of 350,000 documents, that is accessible from any of the 11 school libraries and the two campus libraries. Students can also access databases on CD-ROM and through interlibrary loan services.
The library timetable is generally from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Furthermore, during the examination period the timetable is extended to include weekends. The UPC Libraries are in a constant state of growth, and additionally house unique collections of great cultural interest, such as the collection dedicated to the science fiction genre and others containing diverse materials related to world music.