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Infrastructure Circle - UPC Chair (COPISA, FCC, OHL, Construccions Rubau)

Pere Macias i Arau
93 401 73 45

The Chair was created in May 2004 by four of the largest construction companies in Catalonia: Copisa, FCC Construcción and Guinovart i Rubau, alongside the Projects Section of the Department of Transport and Regional Planning, which mainly teaches at the School of Civil Engineering of Barcelona.

Until 2012, the aim of the construction companies in setting up the Chair was twofold: first, to help in training expert professionals in the field of public works management and, second, to raise society’s awareness of infrastructure as a backbone of the region and a force for progress that improves the environment, increases sustainability and is closely related to citizens’ quality of life.

In 2013, the Chair renewed its objectives, which stand as follows:

  • To raise society’s awareness of the importance of infrastructure to the economy and as an element of progress, structuring and sustainability whose ultimate aim is to improve citizens’ quality of life.
  • To encourage reflection and civil debate on public works and their effects on society.
  • To provide support for the master’s degree in Infrastructure Management and the international master’s degree in Infrastructure Management.
  • To collaborate with other entities, such as the Barcelona Mobility Institute (BIM) and the Latin American University Network of Municipal Technologies (RUITEM). This collaboration provides a framework for coordinating information exchange and urban mobility initiatives, in Barcelona and in countries in Latin America and North Africa, and its aim is to facilitate the internationalisation of Catalan companies in the countries in which BIM and RUITEM operate.