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Endesa Red - UPC Chair in Energy Innovation

Andreas Sumper
93 4016727
The Endesa Red Chair - UPC in Energy Innovation was created in April 2005. Its activities include training, research, results transfer and scientific dissemination within the field of energy innovation in the electricity sector, the aim of which is to find a pattern of efficient and sustainable energy evolution.

The Chair’s objective is to reach a level of technological and social excellence in Endesa’s electrical energy supply system and to involve the local government, researchers, clients and other social actors in working to find relationships between the electrical supply system, society and the region.

The Chair’s working plan for its first year includes writing reports, conducting studies and organizing conferences and seminars on electrical energy. Moreover, continuous training for professionals and other activities designed to train and motivate students will be offered. An example of this is the Electrical Energy Final Thesis award. The candidates must be students from the School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona.

Much of the working plan focuses on research, development and innovation. Projects will be undertaken in direct collaboration with the Centre for Technological Innovation in Static Converters (CITCEA), which also belongs to UPC.